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Can a Nose Change with Age?

When I was in middle school (6th grade) my nose was a little wide and bulbous. But now that I am in high school, it seems a lot more narrow and sharp.... READ MORE

Cause and Solution for Nose Indented on One Side?

My nose used to be perfectly symmetrical from both sides when I was younger (I'm 17 now), until recently. I've noticed that one of the sides indents... READ MORE

What Age Does a Girl's Nose Stop Growing?

I'm 13 and my nose is a little big. Is there an age it will stop growing and even out with the rest of my face? READ MORE

Can a Septum Deviation Correct Itself Overtime?

I'm a 16 year old male with a crooked nose. Recently i visited a doctor regarding my crooked nose. The doctor told me that i have a septum deviation... READ MORE

At What Age Does the Nose Stop Changing?

I am 16 years old(boy) and I would like to, if possible, predict an overall image of the shape of my nose in the future. READ MORE

14 year old getting a nose job?

Can a 14 year old girl get a nose job? She has completly sure she wants this for the rest of her life READ MORE

Nose Hump After Getting Kicked. What Should I Do?

Hi! Im 16, turning 17 in 4 months. Last april, my best friend kicked my nose. How? I have no idea. But it was a pretty bad impact & every single... READ MORE

I apply a lot of pressure to my nose hump. Is there a permanent solution other than rhinoplasty?

Im 14 and I have a really bad habbit of pressing down on my nose hump with excessive force. The area where the hump is turns red but the bump has gone... READ MORE

How to straighten little tilted nose?

I'm 16 years old male, I discovered that may nose is tilted little right. I have severe septum deviation, and am planning for Septoplasty when I'm 18.... READ MORE

Broke my Nose in Basketball. What Do I Do?

So i had a normal nose that i loved until i got hit in the nose with a basketball couple of years ago that's when i got a bump on my nose and as time... READ MORE

What Do I Need? I'm 15, Would Like Alarplasty, Costs? (photo)

I'm 15 M. But im gay and i think i need an alar plasty and my mom agreed with it. what do you think? And how much would it cost? READ MORE

How Do I Fix a Bump on my Nose That is Slanted to One Side?

I have a big bump on my nose that is slanted to one side. I'm only 14 years old but have noticed this for 2 to 3 years now. My profile on my left... READ MORE

How do you know when your nose has stopped growing?

I'm currently 14 and want to have surgery to correct my nose which was injured. Apparently you have to wait until your nose has fully developed. But I... READ MORE

Trauma to the Nose Affects Cartilage and Make It Look Big?

When I was 12 I took a hard blow to the left side of my nose. I know that's where I got the hump and the reason why my nose is sorta crooked, I'm... READ MORE

Will My Dorsal Hump on my Nose Even Out?

Hi i am 16 years old and over the last 2 years i have noticed my nose form a dorsal hump. Will my nose eventually evan out? READ MORE

Will my Asymmetrical Nose Even Out As I Get Older?

I am a 14 year old girl who is very insecure about her nose. When I was younger my nose was adorable. However as I started to go through puberty, I've... READ MORE

Do Nasal Bumps Get Worse As You Get Older? I Am 13.

I have a slight nasal bump at the minute and i never had it when i was around 10 or 11, i have now developed one and it is not too big and i could... READ MORE

Im 17 1/2 & I Want to Get a Nose Job. Im Worried That my Nose Shape Will Change Drastically?

I don't want to have to have another one in 5 years. Is this a possibility? READ MORE

Does Having a Bigger Bump on my Nose Make the Surgery More Complex? (photo)

My nose didn't always have a bump. I'm 15 right now and will be 16 this June. When I was younger I always remembered having a normal nose (with no... READ MORE

Will my Nose Lose Its "Straightness" As I Get Older?

I was born with a straight nose. I'm 17 now. I still have my straight nose. Will it "loose its straightness" as time progresses?  READ MORE

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