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Can Trying to Mold Nose with Fingers Cause Permanent Damage?

I read somewhere that cartilage is made primarily of water and can be molded. I held my fingers and applied pressure near the bridge of my nose for 30... READ MORE

Can a perforated septum heal itself?

I have a perforated septum most likely from nose surgery a year ago to correct a deviated septum or from using a nasal steroid to treat allergies for... READ MORE

Care for Nose After Silver Nitrate Was Applied?

How do i care for my nose after i have had silver nitrate applied? i have bloody noses on a daily basis and i had the ENT apply silver nitrate to... READ MORE

Raised Scar Inside Nose After Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty

I've had 2 nose surgeries: Rhinoplasty and Septoplasty both times. I have scar tissue inside which pertrudes on both sides of my nose. You can... READ MORE

How Much Dryness is Normal in the Months Following Nose Surgery?

Hi, I had septo-rhinoplasty with inferior turbinate reduction about a month and a half ago. Some days my nose is bone dry. Is this within the bounds... READ MORE

Cyst Removal - Will This Dented Scar on my Nose Fill In?

About 3 weeks ago I had a small red cyst removed from the tip of my nose. Now I'm left with what looks like a chunk missing . It's light red... READ MORE

Fever After Nose Surgery

12 days after my nose surgery i started getting really bad chills & a fever,now i'm beginning to have some body aches, & some coughing. My... READ MORE

My black eye/bruise don't go away 2 months post op after Nose surgery for fractured nose. Is this normal? (photos)

I had a Fractured nose, and after putting in place, I got a black eye and swollen for two weeks and after two months I still have the left eye with a... READ MORE

Swelling or Bone Misalignment After Nose Surgery?

I had a Rhinoplasty with Tiplasty, Septoplasty, Turbinate reduction on March 25. I had a large dorsal hump which I hated. When the cast came off, my... READ MORE

How can an indentation caused by liquid nitrogen used to freeze a seborrheic keratosis on the bridge of my nose be healed?

A dermatologist used liquid nitrogen to freeze a seborrheic keratosis on the bridge of my nose two weeks ago and I'm very concerned that it's going to... READ MORE

How long should congestion last following a broken nose? (Photo)

If congestion doesn't clear up after a certain time, does that mean that there is permanent damage/breathing problems? What is typical time frame... READ MORE

2 Years Post Nose Surgery: Tip is Still Swollen

Hello all, In August I will be approaching 2 years post-surgery (to fix a bump in my nose and a slightly downward tip). I'm very happy with the... READ MORE

Dimples on the Side of the Nose

Hallo, I have had a nose job and i'm still not really setisfied. The bone of the nose is ok, but there is just no skin/fat on the side of the nose... READ MORE

Silicone Nose Implant Risks and Replacement Rate?

I had an I-silicone implant in my nose with ear cartilage grafting on the tip. What are the chances of infection, extrusion, and skin thinness? and... READ MORE

After Alar Base Reduction my Nostrils Are Still Uneven

Before my surgery, my right nostrils was wider than the left one. I decided to have the procedure done in order to even my nostrils. I discussed the... READ MORE

My nose cartilage is slightly bent towards left side, and it grows so much like my right nostril is blocking?

I am 30 year old and I had my nose surgery in 2001 where in my nose cartilage had become enlarged and bent towards left sideand block ing right... READ MORE

Can I Pull the Tape to a Side in Order to Keep my Nose Straight?

I had a nose job a month ago to straighten my nose. after the cast came off it was staight (not perfect) but now it seems that the cartridge is... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Have Nose Bleeds Two Years After Surgery?

I had nose surgery almost two years ago. I get nose bleeds in my right nostril about once a week maybe less. The top of my nose is thin and has... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Skin to Grow Back to Cover Nose and Scar to Reduce?

Alar Base Reduction. I have Narrowing Wide Nose & Nostrils to make it look smaller. After remove stitch from my nose, my skin does not seem to... READ MORE

I Had a Shave Biopsy Done on my Nose on 4.5.12. Will the Divot Fill in with Time? (photo)

The area has a noticable divot. Will that fill in as the healing progresses? It has been two days since I had it done. Pictures attached. Do you... READ MORE

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