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Turned Up Nose and Visible Nostrils After Surgery, Options?

Hi, I had my nose job 3 weeks ago. 3 days ago my cast got off and İ saw my nose. I don't like the result, my nose is turned up way too much so my ... READ MORE

Is Three Weeks Enough Time to Recover After Having the Nasal Bone Rasped?

I would be getting about 2 mm rasped off my dorsal hump and a slight bump on the left side of my nose rasped. The surgeon said it would be an... READ MORE

Does skin graft look like a scab?

I had a deep tumor, and needed a skin graft on my nose. It is now 18 days after, and the graft is dark, like a scab. The dressing was stitched on and... READ MORE

Thin Skin Faster Healing Time?

I am in my third week post operation. My tip was requested to be smaller. More refined. It is very large, bulbous and bigger than before. I understand... READ MORE

No More Nose Sensitivity = No More Swelling?

I have thin skin. I am 3 weeks post-op. (I heard having thin skin means faster healing time.) I also heard that if my nose is no longer sensitive to... READ MORE

Will Atrophy Go Away?

At 9weeks my doctor gave me an injection on the top of my nose and now I have atrophy. Will this go away? It's been 3 weeks READ MORE

I just recently had a closed reduction of a nasal fracture?

Its been about 2 weeks since the surgery. My nose really only needed straightened out and the bone raised a little. Well I noticed that the bridge of... READ MORE

Bump on the Nose Without Breaking It?

I had a nose injury 3 weeks ago, it didn't bleed or hurted too much - only for few seconds. I went to an ENT who told me it isn't broken, only swollen... READ MORE

I have a dark shadow on my nose almost 3 weeks after a closed reduction for a broken nose that is not going away (Photo)

This is my 3rd broken nose and with the other 2 I didn't have long term bruising. I am now 46 years old and very worried this dark shadow won't go... READ MORE

I had a nose surgery on march 26/2015 and the hole came back, What should I do?

I had nose surgery because I had a hole in it and its been 3weeks I was cleaning it with sinus rinse and I blew my nose and the cartilage came out so... READ MORE

Septi muscle cut, affected my smile?

I had a surgery done 3 weeks ago. I had a big hump and a extremly drooping nose tip. My ps rotated my nose tip and cut my depressor muscle. At first... READ MORE

Will taking Tylenol reduce/prevent swelling prior to intense working out (3 weeks PO)?

Hi there, I've been cleared to go to the gym now 3 weeks PO, but my nose is still quite swollen and I don't want it to get worse. I've been reading... READ MORE

Concerns over Nose Job and Use of Accutane

I had an open nose surgery a little three weeks ago here in Denmark. I would ask my surgeon, but the clinic is closed for the next 3 weeks. Before... READ MORE

Is it the bump on the side of my nose that is making it look crooked?? (Photos)

It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I am concerned about a bump that is located on the upper right side of my nose bridge. Before my surgery my... READ MORE

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