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I hit my nose 3 months after Rhinoplasty. Is it possible my nose shape might change?

I had rhinoplasty before 3 months today i hit my nose with my bag when i took it to put somewhere above . It hit under my nose with bag zip it hurted... READ MORE

Septum cut during pituitary surgery - nose appears much more bulbous now. Can I expect for it to return to normal? (photos)

I underwent sublabial transsphenoidal surgery for a pituitary tumor about 2.5 months ago. I've noticed that since I've had my surgery my nose appears... READ MORE

Bad Nose Results 3 Months After Surgery, I Don't See Any Change, What Do You Think (photo)?

The doctor after surgery take some pics of my nose to show me the result after the swelling gows down but 3 months after my nose doesn't look close to... READ MORE

Two and Half Month Post Nasal Reconstruction with a Rib Graft?

I had a nasal reconstruction in December and I still have a tremendous amount of swelling and a bump where there the graft was placed. There is also a... READ MORE

Nose Changing After Surgery?

At three months after surgery my doctor gave me two shots in different locations to reduce the swelling. The one area now is indented and doesn't look... READ MORE

12 weeks post op syptoplasy bump shaved. I am having a strange vibration in nose after surgery . air flow off any idea?

When I blow my nose the left nostril is still congested. feels like I am blowing through a intertube. I get a weird vibration, air flow in nostril... READ MORE

Dog bite split nostril open 2.5 months ago. It's now uneven. Will it go back to normal or should I consider surgery? (photo)

Dog did not get cartilage, only lower part of nostril. Are there any other options beyond surgery? READ MORE

How do I know if my nose still has surgical internal swelling?

I had nose surgery over 3 months ago. My nose feels very stuffed. How do I know if this is surgical swelling or congestion related to surgery verses... READ MORE

Is this x-ray normal for 3 months post surgery? (photo)

I work in a radiology department and decided to have my colleague perform a lateral nasal bone x-ray on myself, just out of curiosity. The image looks... READ MORE

Follow-up: Irregular swelling on mid/right side of nose flaring up everyday and painful. What could it be? (Photo)

January surgery was to remove excess scar tissues from previous surgery from 2011. Got granulation and a cyst. Had additional surgery to clean that up... READ MORE

What would cause pain between the bridge and tip of the nose?

I have enlarged turbinates AND had a smoke inhalation situation when I burnt a steak I was cooking. Now my nose swells from everything and it hurts in... READ MORE

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