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Open Nasal Reduction Septal Fracture Gone Wrong? (photo)

One week ago I had surgery to repair a nasal fracture and deviated septum. Nose wasn't too crooked, but ent/plastic surgeon stated she could set it... READ MORE

Bump after nose surgery - does it look more like swelling or an actual bump? (Photo)

A week ago I had a nose surgery. I had a small bump on my nose. However, yesterday after my cast has been off, I noticed that it isnt completely... READ MORE

White pustules on the nose after surgery? (photos)

I had my surgery a week ago and got the cast off today and I was surprised with a series of whitehead looking spots on the sides of my nose. They look... READ MORE

9 days post-op open reduction nasal fracture surgery. Will my profile change? (Photo)

Hi, I had open reduction nasal fracture surgery 9 days ago. A bump was very well removed from my bridge (not very visible from profile pics). My nose... READ MORE

Nostril Reduction Surgery

I am 5 days out Alar surgery and can see where the incision lines are and stitches and all seems normal however I have scabs formed well outside these... READ MORE

I had septum perforation surgery 1 week ago today. Can anyone tell me what to expect? As much detail as possible.

The septum perforation surgery was an open approach. How long does the nose stay swollen? How long does the congestion last? How long does it take to... READ MORE

5 day post-op and never ending headache with sinus pressure and aching gums. Is it normal?

The aches don't get better with prescribed pain medication. Can I take Excedrin which has caffeine? I get a dull headache on top of my head and and at... READ MORE

I had nose surgery and my splint fell off

6 days ago I had open treatment of nasal fracture; with concomitant treatment of fractured septum the other day my splint became lose and I tried... READ MORE

Can Sleeping On Your Side Effect Your Deviated Septum Surgery Results?

I gotten the deviated septum sugery about 5 days ago, and i took out the blockers yesterday, while on my bed i rested on my side for a little bit,... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Nostrils a Result of Cast Position? (photo)

Hi, I have got my nose job last week and am still wearing the cast. I have a glimpse of my tip only so far, but it seems that one nostril is... READ MORE

When Is It Safe To Smoke Marijuana And Drink Alcohol After Nose Surgery?

I just had nose surgery 5 days ago im wondering when its safe to start partying. im a heavy marijuana smoker, i smoke 2-3 times everyday, and i... READ MORE

Hi, I Had a Nose Reduction Surgery 9 Days Ago and I'm a Bodybuilder! Today I Felt Like I Needed to Workout

Hi, I had a nose reduction surgery 9 days ago and I'm a bodybuilder! Today I felt like I needed to workout and I went to the gym and worked out... READ MORE

BAD SMELL inside nose after Revision Septoplasty, can you suggest anything? What should I do?

I had a Septorhin. done a year ago. After which I developed scar tissues inside my nose that were blocking my airways. I went for revision Septo. and... READ MORE

Nose Implant. (Photo)

I undergo a silicone implant nose sugery a week ago. I told the doctor specifically that I want a high nose bridge. He told me that I have a thin skin... READ MORE

Do I need a revision surgery or not?

Sir my name is Deepak. I recently a surgery to improve my nasal airway. I was treated for DNS and turbinate hypertrophy.Well there is no deviation now... READ MORE

One of my nostrils healed, but the other hasn't. Please advise? (Photo)

Im on 9 days Post Op. Im worried that the left nostril wont close. And it has this yellow/white something inside. I clean it 2x a day with PNSS and... READ MORE

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