Wide + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Non Surgical Nose Job to Make Narrow Nose?

I would like to know if I am a candidate for the Non surgical nose job. I have a pretty wide nose and I wanted to know if the non-surgical rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Radiesse or Restalyn for Bulbous Nose Tip and Wide Nostrils? (photo)

I am only a teen so my parents are making me get injectables before I get a nose job to make sure I really want one and I like the results. But will... READ MORE

How do I make my nose sharper without surgery?

I looked up inking of ways to make it sharper and none of them worked. I massaged the bridges of my nose for about 2 weeks each time for five minutes... READ MORE

Can Radiesse Be Used for a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

I am an african american male with a decent size nose but there are certain aspects of my nose that I would love to change such as the width and... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Narrow Your Upper Nasal Bone Without Surgery?

My upper nasal bone is much wider than the tip is it possible to straighten, and narrow the nasal bone without surgery?Is it also possible to lift the... READ MORE

What can you do nose is far too big but so scared of surgery? (photos)

I have always had a complex with my nose and always wanted a nose job. I am so scared of surgery though what is the best way to make nose less wide... READ MORE

I want thinner nostrils without surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty for 10 months ago. And now I am still unhappy with my nostrils. They are still wide as before. I want them as shown in the photos, a... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job for short, wide, no-bridge nose? (photos)

Hi , im 20 years old female. I have short , wide, no bridge nose. I'm un happy with my nose. Can i have slim n beautiful nose with nose filler with... READ MORE

My nose is too wide and fat. Can I squeeze it to make it look thinner?

I have a ugly nose and I want it too look smaller and thinner READ MORE

No Surgery Nose Job? (photo)

I like my nose in person but in photos I hate it. I feel like the tip has no definition and is wide. Would fillers help? READ MORE

Is non surgical rhinoplasty an option for me? (photos)

I have a much wider Asian nose and not much of a nose bridge, is it possible for fillers to make my nose appear narrow? READ MORE

Can I Use Fillers to Inject on the Sides of my Nose So It Wont "Expand" That Much?

I have a wide nose and it is most noticeable when I smile. Can I go for a non surgical approach to inject fillers to both sides of my nose so that it... READ MORE

will non surgical rhinoplasty fix my wide and flared nose?

I am 17 and have a wide and flared nose, which i really hate because i think it makes my face too wide and ugly. Can i fix it with a non surgical... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Non Surgical Nose Job? (photo)

Hi I am very self conscious over the bump on my nose bridge not sure how exactly it happened..can't remember having any trauma!I also think my nose... READ MORE

Had a Nose Injection 4 Years Ago? (photo)

I had a nose job injection with the unlicensed nurse 4 years ago. my nose really is deformed. my nose becomes so big ,wider and It really look awful... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a non surgical nose job? (photos)

My nose has no definition when someone is looking straight at me. It looks flat and wide with high nostrils. I like my profile although my nostrils... READ MORE

Can I get Non Surgical Nose Surgery using hyaluronic acid fillers? (photo)

I have little wider nose at the bottom and so tip of my nose is not visible. Can I little elevate the tip and nasal bridge using this fillers. Please... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for a non surgical nose job for wide and undefined bridge? Could restylane achieve this? (photo)

Would I be a candidate for a non surgical nose job? I understand that this will not make my nose more narrow, I simply want to have my bridge more... READ MORE

Will taking Estrogen or birth-control (hormones) make my nose thinner? (photos)

I wouldn't have thought of this if the 3 previous rhinos I've had worked (I went to the top surgeons). My nose is the same width! I don't want any... READ MORE

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