Upturned + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Can a Non Surgical Nose Job Help Create More of a Tip?

Also can fillers help reduce nostril show? and if the nose is slightly upturned can fillers help add on to the tip to make the nose look longer or lower? READ MORE

Can Non Surgical Nose Job Take my Nose from Ashlee Simpson (Pre Surgery) to Emma Watson?

I have a nose that pretty much resembles Ashless Simpson’s before she had surgery, and I want a cute turned up small one like Emma Watson. Is it p... READ MORE

Injection Nose Job? (photo)

Hi, I am 14 and am horrified of the thought of surgery, I have a thin, slightly upturned nose that has a slight bump on the side profile. I do NOT... READ MORE

Can a non-surgical nose job work on the tip?

Can a non-surgical nosejob add fillers to the nose's tip to make it seem appear a bit longer and definitive? Whilst I have a tip per se, it was just... READ MORE

Can permanent filler or any injection such as fat fix my upturned nose tip? (Photo)

I Want my upturned nose fixed With permanent fillers Would it help or other ways than surgery ? READ MORE

Can your get your nose elevated?

With or without plastic surgery? i just really want to how how to make mynose look higher READ MORE

Can I get a hooked nose without surgery?

My nose is a bit upturned and it bothers me a little, especially with masculine appearance and whatnot. I've always liked hooked noses (and before... READ MORE

How long does a non-surgical nose job last? Who's a good candidate and when is a rhinoplasty recommended instead? (Photos)

From the front, my nose is somewhat bulbous, and, although I can't quite put my finger on why, I feel like my left side is much more attractive than... READ MORE

What can be done about my really upturned piggy looking nose? (Photo)

All my life I've been teased about having a piggy nose. You can see up my nostrils from a straight on view I hate it!! Really brings me down is there... READ MORE

I have upturned, bulbous nose with a gash through the center vertically. Would fillers help? (Photo)

Each nostril at the tip has a couple mm advancement over the center proximity (right greater than left) READ MORE

Would non-surgical rhinoplasty (with dermal fillers) be the best option for me? (Photo)

I have one nostril which, due to stenosis as a baby, is much larger than the other and very visible due to my upturned nose. I also have a small bump... READ MORE

Can non-surgical rhinoplasty be used to lengthen the nose?

While I generally like my nose, it seems a bit short and slightly upturned. Can fillers be used to lengthen the end of my nose and add a bit of length? READ MORE

Nose shape. Is this possible without surgeries?

Hello, So I have a upturned or button nose type, and I would like to make it look as greece or roman type. Is this possible without surgeries? READ MORE

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