Uneven + Non Surgical Nose Job

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I Have Different Sides of Nose? (photo)

Both sides of my nose are different. On right side of my nose i feel hardened mass or may be cartilage missing and this give very bad appearance to my... READ MORE

Would I Be a Good Candidate for a Non Surgical Nose Job? (photo)

Hi I am very self conscious over the bump on my nose bridge not sure how exactly it happened..can't remember having any trauma!I also think my nose... READ MORE

What Procedure is Most Suitable for Me?

I have one higher nasal bridge than the other which is positioned slightly differently. This gives me the appearance of a deviated nose and as a... READ MORE

Can a nonsurgical rhinoplasty correct a hooked nose and a nose that spreads out wide when you smile?

I have a nose that goes down when I smile, my bridge is uneven (it's a bit bumpy) and it spreads out far when I smile. Can a nonsugical rhinoplasty... READ MORE

I am 14 almost going to 15 this year and my nose is unbalanced. How can I balance my nose without any surgery?

How to balance my noes again without any surgery done? My other side of noes is prettier and smaller than the other side of my noes which is much... READ MORE

How can I change the shape of my nose? It's huge. It's really long and fat. One of the sides is bigger than the other (Photo)

I get bullied about my nose size. there is also 2 bones sticking out a bit at a top,and it also has a little bump at the end of the nose. It makes me... READ MORE

Why is my face uneven? (Photo)

I have been contemplating on getting a nonsurgical rhinoplasty but the thing is that my face is uneven which makes me hesitant because I want... READ MORE

Would a non-surgical procedure be able to fix my nose? (photos)

My nose is more uneven on one side, and it has this bump on the right side (I think it is from wearing glasses from such a young age). My nose was... READ MORE

Will nose fillers help reduce the size of my nose? Or is a rhinoplasty more recommended? (photos)

I have a fairly uneven nose. The bridge of my nose is thinner and only expands in size. Would a filler be appropriate be able to create the illusion... READ MORE

Hump on one side of my nose but not on the other?

I have this small hump and it is not a dorsal hump... on one side of my profile (left), it is quite flat and smooth.. my "good side" and on the other... READ MORE

My nose is really uneven - can I fix it with fillers? (photos)

My nose has a bump on it and I don't really mind it. But the right side of my nose has a bump and the left doesn't it's very weird it show in the... READ MORE

Nose tip - uneven bump (Photo)

I'm interested to know what the best approach to get rid of the cartilage bump on the tip of my nose is. As I have got older (in my 40s) this has... READ MORE

What are some nonsurgical procedures to fix a nose? (Notes)

My nose isn't too big but it's uneven and has a bit of a bump on the bridge. I'd like to correct it or at least make it better without having to get a... READ MORE

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty: I have a bulbous nose and an uneven bone.

Saw wonderful examples of nose jobs done with fillers, which made the nose look smaller and more even. (see before/after below)Would that be possible... READ MORE

Will nose filler even out my nose? Nasal dip, downward curve, indentation scar and one lifted nostril? (Photo)

I had a nose job on the tip 9 years ago which left me asymmetric with a scar tissue bump. can filler fill indent scar, top left bridge? leftside-high... READ MORE

Can uneven nostrils be fixed without surgery? (photo)

I'm 3 months post Rhinoplasty and my nostrils are completely different shapes. My surgeon said it was the best he could do but they were not that... READ MORE

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty for Uneven Nostrils?

Hi, I'm only 15, but I have become concerned recently due to the size of my nostrils. It seems that one is larger and bulkier than the other. I used... READ MORE

Uneven results of nose filler. Should I balance it with another filler?

I notice that the result of my nose filler is uneven. It is tending more sharping on the left side of my nose. I can feel something bumpy on the... READ MORE

Can injectable nose job trap me in a recurrent proccess due to permanent formation of scar tissue in one side of my nose?(Photo)

My PS told me that i am not a good candidate for third nose job and now wants to fix my nose with hyaluronic acid. He expects me to have scar tissue... READ MORE

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