Timing + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Rhinoplasty After Non Surgical Nose Job?

Hi. I had Radiesse (non-surgical rhinoplasty) injected into my nose (bridge & tip). Now I hate how my nose looks and want to get the proper,... READ MORE

Radiesse Non Surgical Nose Job - How Can I Reverse it?

I don't like my new nose at all. Did not know this was non reversible like Restylane or I wouldn't have had it done. Is there anything I can... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Get Temporary Filler to Oversected Nose in Interim While Waiting for Opportunity to Do Revision Rhino? (photo)

3 mths post op of a rhinoplasty that was oversected. Have too thin bridge and scooped out bridge. Can I get temporary filler in interim until revision... READ MORE

My nose is crooked and swollen up. What steps should I take to get it straight and normal? (Photo)

Hi im 15 years old and have been quite annoyed on my nose. I got hurt as i was a kid and gradually my nose has gone crooked and swollen to the right... READ MORE

Questions About Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (With Injectable Dermal Fillers)?

About a month ago, I had a revision Rhinoplasty which left me with prominent bridge, dent right below it on both side, and also another big dent on... READ MORE

How long does kenalog continue to break down tissue in the nose?

I received kenalog injections in my nose 4 months ago to reduce the bulbous appearance. It was a terrible, terrible mistake. After receiving the... READ MORE

I want to know the exercises I need to make my nose looks smaller. (photo)

It's as you see in the picture, it's annoying me. Please give me the exercises I have to do and how much time do I have to take to do the... READ MORE

Timeline for non surgical nose job after unflattering rhinoplasty?

I had rhinoplasty back in December. It resulted in an aggressively reduced dorsum and an overly thinned nose. I am planning on an revision rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Restalyne or juvaderm ??

I am having non surgical nose Friday and I am considering tear troughs getting filled. I am worried about the possibility of a reaction as its my... READ MORE

How long after getting a nose thread lift can you use a filler to add more height to the nose bridge?

I know you can do the 2 procedures together for maximum results, but how long after is it safe to get fillers such a Restylane? Or do you do both at... READ MORE

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