Straighten + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Are Japanese nose straighteners effective and safe to use? (photos)

Are Japanese nose straighteners effective and safe to use, as the nose cartilage is malleable and can be reshaped after time. READ MORE

Do Nose Braces Really Work?

I broke my nose when I was younger and have always wanted to get it fixed. You see a lot of ads for "braces" that can supposedly straighten a nose... READ MORE

Is it possible to straighten out a broken nose yourself?

I got in a fight about two weeks ago and I think I may have broken my nose. It seems a little crooked. The swelling is just now starting to subside.... READ MORE

Can Non Sugical Nose Job Straighten my Nose Bridge? Its Slightly Crooked to Left.

I underwent septoplasty last october 2012 bcoz of my breathing problems.....but i am not satisfied with my nose......bcoz it slightly crooked to left... READ MORE

Can an Injectable Filler Help my Nose by Making the Tip Round and More Full and Also Straighten In? (photo)

I had rhinoplasty and revision septorhinoplasty. i do not want another surgery. My nose looks pointy from one side. Im wondering if fillers can make... READ MORE

What can I do to straighten the bridge of my nose, or lifting it, without having surgery, something I can do at home? (Photo)

I am only 13, and my nose sadly looks like this. Is there something I can do to improve it a little? Do nose shapers work? READ MORE

Using Fillers for Building Dorsum?

Do fillers work in an aggressively resected dorsum caused by surgery? . Can a straight or straighter profile be achieved.? READ MORE

Is there any way to make my nose straight permanently without surgery? (photos)

Is there any way to make my nose straight permanently without surgery? The top of my nose is curved, is there any way to make it flat without surgery?... READ MORE

What fillers should I use to sharpen my nose tip? (photos)

Hi, I have been considering getting fillers on the tip of my nose to give it a more sharpened and straight look without surgery because I find with... READ MORE

Do I look like a good candidate for a non-surgical (liquid) nose job? I would love a straighter bridge with a cute tip. (Photo)

As I have aged I feel as though my nose has become more prominent. I would love a straighter bridge with a cute tip. Also perhaps some filler in my... READ MORE

Will a Non Surgical Nose Job Work with my Nose? (photo)

Hello, I am a 29 year old make and would like to know if a non surgical nose job using fillers would help straighten my nose and reduce the look of... READ MORE

My nose is crooked and swollen up. What steps should I take to get it straight and normal? (Photo)

Hi im 15 years old and have been quite annoyed on my nose. I got hurt as i was a kid and gradually my nose has gone crooked and swollen to the right... READ MORE

Straightening my nose. Can this be corrected with a non surgical nose job? (Photo)

Hello I'm a 26 year old female, and I believe to have a deviated nasal septum, which makes my face look assymetrical. For a long time, I have been... READ MORE

Can a filler reduce my dorsal hump or make my nose look straighter/less crooked/unbroken? Do I have to do a rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I want to know if getting a filler injection will improve the appearance of my nose? The bump,tip and crookedness bother me. My nose was always wide... READ MORE

How can I make my nose straight? (photos)

Hi there. I have two pictures of my nose, one from a front view and one from the bottom view (sort of). My nose is crooked and I really don't like it.... READ MORE

How to straighten without surgery? (photo)

Hi, I had my nose broken one year ago today. All I've had since that day is pain from my nose to my right cheek bone when I smile ecetera. My nose has... READ MORE

I don't like the tip of my nose. is there a way to just lift it to make it straight without surgery?

I have a bump on my nose and a hook. I feel like if I can get the hook fixed it wouldn't look so bad and be a bit more straight. what are my options? READ MORE

Is there anyway to make my nose look better without surgery? (photo)

My nose is awful I hate it and it makes me depressed. I was wondering if fillers to the top of my nose to make it look straighter and not dropped... READ MORE

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