Side Effects + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Side Effects of Yearly Restylane or Radiesse Shots in Nose?

I didn't like the outcome of my primary rhinoplasty and would like to wait about five years to have a revision. The right side of my bridge... READ MORE

Can Collagen Fillers Be Used Also for Nose Lifting? Are There Any Side Effects? Can Botox Be Used for Nose Lift?

Can Collagen Fillers Be Used Also for Nose Lifting? Are There Any Side Effects? Can Botox Be Used for Nose Lift? READ MORE

I'm having a kenalog injection to reduce the size of my nose tip. Will there be side effects? (Photo)

I have a big nose tip and never wanted to do surgery so the dr advised me with this injection ... I'm so worried after i read the side effects and... READ MORE

I Am Going for Nose Fillers Next Month. This Doctor Uses Polyamide Gel. Can Anyone Advice on Safety of It?

I initially wanted to get rhinoplasty to raise a bit of my nose bridge, and alarplasty because I don't have a nose bridge and when I smile my... READ MORE

What are the side of effects of non-surgical rhinoplasty?

I'm Asian, and am considering getting a non-surgical rhinoplasty with Restylane. I am that aware that the aesthetic effects won't be permanent. One of... READ MORE

Are nose fillers safe?

Is fillers safe ...ive been wanting to do fillers to define my nose tip a little bit but im afraid.. Is it gonna be sensetive like rhinosphy?? What is... READ MORE

I wanna get nose fillers to fill in a collapsed upper lateral cartilage In my nose what are the side effects?

So I've hated my nose ever since I can remember ... I finally decided I'm Gona get nose fillers to fill in the left side that has collapsed , but... READ MORE

Does non-surgical rhinoplasty start have long-term effects on the face?

I have always wanted to get rid of the bump on my nose but have never liked the idea of going under the knife. Recently I learned about nonsurgical... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job for 2 years with hyaluronic acid, is there a downside to this procedure in the long term?

Hello to all drs I have been doing non surgical nose job for 2 years now with hylarunic acid and I am very pleased with the outcome. I heard that... READ MORE

Non invasive rhinoplasty - dermal fillers. Any long term side effects?

Hello Doctors! I am based in Melbourne. Have long considered Rhinoplasty & after some great answers from local doctors previously, I have thought... READ MORE

Does getting a nonsurgical rhinoplasty have consequences for permanent rhinoplasty?

Does getting nonsurgical rhinoplasty affect the potential outcome for patients if they take the plunge/ get a permanent rhinoplasty or revision... READ MORE

Fractional, non ablative, and non surgical nose job. Should I be worried about potential side effects around the treated area?

I just had my first treatment with the Cynosure ICON 1540 Fractional Resurfacing Laser. I am confident in my dermatologist but forgot to mention that... READ MORE

Nose filler. Can I massage it nose to dissolve the area?

When disolving noes filler been placed can i message my noes will that help to dissolve spread n disolve the area i want by messaging it? And is it... READ MORE

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