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Non-surgical Options for Re-shaping Fat Nose?

I am 17. After a small accident, my nose became loose, fat, and in bad shape. Now, I'm so much depressed in front of friends who make fun of me. I do... READ MORE

Add Volume Through Non-surgical Rhinoplasty to Correct Drooping Nose?

I am wondering if maybe I can add volume through non-surgical nose job, to correct the pinch in my nose in the front, and on the top of my nose to... READ MORE

Can the Shape of the Nose Change by Placing Long Term Continuous Force to the Nasal Bone?

I've been always pushing on my nasal bone when I was little because I didn't like my nose.But now I regret it so much.I like my nose now but the only... READ MORE

My nose tip is very round. Is there any way that I can change my shape without surgery?

I have never been happy with my nose. I think it's too big and round and undefined. I am still a teenager. Is there any way that I can change my shape... READ MORE

Multiple Fillers for Non Surgical Nose Jobs?

Have you ever heard of Radiesse, Restylane, and Kenalog all being injected to re-shape the nose? READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Surgery or Surgery? (photo)

I don't mind my big nose but I do mind the shape of it. I am mixed Asian and black and would like my tip defined and nostrils to be more oval shaped.... READ MORE

Is it at all possible to change the shape of the nose through non surgical means?

Purely theoretical, is it at all possible to alter that shape of the nose through pushing, pulling and massaging the nasal structure or by using... READ MORE

Can nose molding have an effect?

I would like to know if pressing down on the middle of the nose can have an effect on its shape. Would it mold or change the curvature of the bone... READ MORE

Would my Nose Shape Be Suitable for Non-surgical Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I am 29 years old. Would adding filler create a smoother, narrower line or would it just appear bulky? I am fine with the length and width of my nose,... READ MORE

Playing with Nose Change Its Shape?

Hi, five months ago I experienced symptoms of what I believe to be a mild nasal vault collapse, since then I have been obsessed with my nose as I... READ MORE

My nose shape changed after a fall. Is there a way to fix it without surgery?

Well about a year ago i fell over a rope and landed directly on my nose. my friends escorted me to the hospital.They said that i did not break the... READ MORE

Can nose picking alter or change the shape of your nose or nostrils?

Can it make your nose appear bigger or wider? Or is this just a old wives tale? READ MORE

Can a nose change shape by pulling, squeezing etc?

I just got a quick question. My nose protrudes out from my face by quite a large amount (4 1/2cm). I believe it is so because when I was growing up as... READ MORE

Is a liquid rhinoplasty an option? (Photo)

What type of procedure is best to correct the shape of my nose? READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for fillers or would surgery be a better choice? (Photo)

I've always thought I have a big weirdly shaped nose. I don't like the hump on my bridge and how long my nose tip is. I've been considering surgery... READ MORE

I hate my nose, from the front it looks large and very shapeless. (Photo)

I'm okay with the side view of it but the front is awful, how can I fix this? Are there any non surgical options? If not what are the surgical options? READ MORE

What should I consider to improve the shape of my nose? (photos)

Hello I'm a 18 years old girl, I want to have a better nose, it bothers me form time to time how ugly it is.. I have a hump and worse, it's not even... READ MORE

Will non surgical rhinoplasty improve the shape of the bottom of my nose? (Photo)

Hi I'm considering to have a non surgical rhinoplasty but I can't find much evidence that it would actually help me. I have a nose which is too wide... READ MORE

How long will non-surgical rhinoplasty last? Cost? Cartilage at end of bridge seems to be growing, pushing my lip up. (Photo)

Been hit multiple times, one time dislodged cartilage which eliminated the "bridge bump" when viewed from the side. The bulbous tip is what really... READ MORE

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