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Non-surgical Rhinoplasty - is It Safe? Why So Controversial?

I really want non-surgical rhinoplasty, but shy away due all of the bad press surrounding the procedure. I can afford a surgical nose job, but prefer... READ MORE

Side Effects of Yearly Restylane or Radiesse Shots in Nose?

I didn't like the outcome of my primary rhinoplasty and would like to wait about five years to have a revision. The right side of my bridge... READ MORE

Is it dangerous to try nose huggies?

Or is it a risque to damage my nose. My dad won't buy me one until I have proof from a doctor that it is safe to try it out. www.nosehuggies.com READ MORE

Dermal Filler for Alar Retraction? (photo)

Hello. I had a closed septo-rhinoplasty in 2010 and have retracted alar rims as a result. I really do not want to go under the knife again so I'd like... READ MORE

Can Permanent Fillers Be Used to Camouflage the Hump on my Nose? (photo)

Can permanent fillers be used to mask the hump on my nose? if so, what will be the name of the filler and how much will it cost? How long will the... READ MORE

I Am Going for Nose Fillers Next Month. This Doctor Uses Polyamide Gel. Can Anyone Advice on Safety of It?

I initially wanted to get rhinoplasty to raise a bit of my nose bridge, and alarplasty because I don't have a nose bridge and when I smile my... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job with Radiesse, Will it Affect the Shape of my Eyes?

I am considering getting Radiesse injected in my nose bridge to heighten it. I have a typical asian nose. Will the injection change the shape of my... READ MORE

Can a Kenalog Injection into the Nose Lead to Cartilage Atrophy?

Can 0.2 ml of kenalog 20 injected 6 months after rhinoplasty dissolve cartilage? Thanks READ MORE

Will a Nose Piercing Interfere with a Nonsurgical Nose Job?

I'd like to get a non surgical nose job sometime in the future. I feel that I would be an ideal candidate for one, because I only want to add a... READ MORE

Temporary Filler on Sides Nose-bridge To Supplement Past Surgery- What Are The Risks?

I have had several nose jobs done. The result is not very good. My skin is now thin and red and you can see the implant in the nose-bridge well. I... READ MORE

Polyamide Gel for Nose Fillers. What's Safe and Lasting? Any Risks?

Hi Doctors, I'm interested in getting a nose fillers. What do you guys think about polyamide gel for nose fillers and does it really last for... READ MORE

Can a Non-Srugical Nose Job Be Used to Hide a Large Dorsal Hump?

I hate my nose but don't like the idea of undergoing surgery. I've been looking into the 'non surgical nose job' but would like to know more about the... READ MORE

Nose Lifter?

So I recently started seeing this new product called "nose lifter." If you're not familiar with them, they're small nose inserts and they come in... READ MORE

Are Non Surgical Nose Job Safe? How Much is Usually Required?

Searching online seen quite bad things that its dangerous to me i cannot understand how can it not be safe? and how much is usually required? READ MORE

Can Non Surgical Nose Job Done Endonasally Make Things Worse?

What complications can occur if fillers are injected from inside the nose? Can this approach damage the cartilaginous framework of the lower half of nose? READ MORE

Necrosis fears. Is it true that the nose tip should not be injected with fillers?

I need to augment my tip a little bit with fillers, What is the probability of having necrosis? is there any study of necrosis average in non-surgial... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job and risks associated with it?

Considering a non surgical nose job after a bad rhinoplasty. Am I rolling the dice with my health here? It seems that the procedure isn't with it due... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job while nursing?

Hello I just had my son 3 months ago, I found a surgeon in Seattle who does non surgical nose jobs (fillers) and I wanted to know if this is safe... READ MORE

Can use of cannula in non sugical nose jobs eliminate the risk of vascular obstruction and skin necrosis?

I'm really scared about necrosis and vascular obstruction (and even getting blind) with a non surgical nose job. I'm forbidden to do surgery due to... READ MORE

Risk/Side effect of a Restylane injection on Nose Tip (non- Surgical nose job)

I'd like to have Restylane injection to extend my nose tip a bit. But I'm worried about the risk of having a red nose tip as the result. Especially... READ MORE

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