Revision + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Non-surgical Nose Job After Revision Rhinoplasty?

I had Revision Rhinoplasty 15 days ago, but there is a prominent hump on the bridge of my nose since cast removal. This was not there before surgery,... READ MORE

Not Happy with my Rhinoplasty 5 Months Post Op. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty an Option? (photo)

Hi. I'm looking to get a revision for my nose after I had a rhinoplasty performed in November. I'm not happy with the results. I think... READ MORE

Could You Determine if a Non Surgical Nose Job is a Viable Solution? (photo)

I was wondering if I'm a viable candidate for the non surgical nose job procedure. I had my primary rhinoplasty in the spring, and as my nose... READ MORE

Filler for bridge dent? (photo)

How soon after a revision can I get filler ? There is a very obvious dent that appeard on side of my bridge wall. It's not that deep but very... READ MORE

Would non-surgical work on a revision? (photo)

I had my third revision about 3-4 months ago. My nose seems too look a lot wider especially when I smile, which really bothers me. Do you think if I... READ MORE

How much collagen can be produced with non surgical rhinoplasty?

Hi, I am thinking of minor revision rhinoplasty or non-surgical rhinoplasty in hopes that it produces some collagen for permanent results. I am... READ MORE

Non Surgical Revision Rhino... Silicon vs. semi premanent fillers... How precise can the semi be?

Hi there and happy 2015! I am looking foward to go for a revision rhino with fillers. I heard that you can "sculpt" the nose with silicon1000, but is... READ MORE

Hi! My question is: how precise are semi permanent fillers for nostrils show and "sculpting"?

I have a piggy nose, lots of nostril show, pinched on the side... I need a revision... But the videos I've seen show how they can very "generally"... READ MORE

Non-Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty. Is hyaluronic acid safe?

Is it possibly for Asians to receive a more refined and defined and lifted tip through non-surgical revision rhinoplasty with the use of hyaluronic... READ MORE

Can I Increase the Size of my Nose Without an Operation?

I took an operation in my nose 5 years ago for a growth inside my nose. sinec that time the size of my nose dropt and is still the same. Because of... READ MORE

Permanent Philtrum Columns Augmentation + Non-surgical Nose Reshaping? (photo)

In the last few years I regularly (every 3 months) had hyaluronic fillers injected into 1) PHILTRUM COLUMNS I want to have them more defined +... READ MORE

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