Reshape + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Do Nose Reshaping Devices Work? I Am Trying to Correct an Asymmetrical Nose Tip. (photo)

I recently came across a device called Nose Magic that claims to be able to reshape the nose by applying pressure to the cartilage. I am tempted to... READ MORE

Are Japanese nose straighteners effective and safe to use? (photos)

Are Japanese nose straighteners effective and safe to use, as the nose cartilage is malleable and can be reshaped after time. READ MORE

Nonsurgical Nose Job - Can It Change the Shape of my Nose?

I would like to change the shape of the tip of my nose, however, I don't want to go through surgery. Will a nonsurgical nose job do this? READ MORE

Non-surgical Options for Re-shaping Fat Nose?

I am 17. After a small accident, my nose became loose, fat, and in bad shape. Now, I'm so much depressed in front of friends who make fun of me. I do... READ MORE

Is It True that Nasal Cartilage can be Reshaped with Products such as Nasofix?

Are products that incorporate heat and/or pressure (nasofix, noseright, etc.) effective in reshaping nasal cartilage. The various websites claim that,... READ MORE

When Hyaluronic Acid is Injected into the Nose How Malleable is It?

I am going to have a non surgical treatment to "better" the aesthetics of my nose. I am aware that the physician is using Teosyal I have a... READ MORE

Nose Reshaping Clips + Constant Heat? (photo)

I have several nose clips for reshaping: Nasofix, Nose Right, Nose Up, Nose Roller, Metal Nose Reshaper, etc.If I use this consistently all summer,... READ MORE

What can I do? I hate my nose! Can I do anything than rhinoplasty and/or make up? (photo)

I know I need rhinoplasty but, my mom won't let me, I also can't use makeup. I'm 14 and i hate my nose.I hat that the top of my nose is smaller that... READ MORE

Will nose reshaping device Nose Magic make my nose smaller?

I don't have a problem with my nose except being fat and big so i wanna know if a nose reshape device will actually slim it down READ MORE

Is it possible to reshape the tip of my nose without surgery? (Photo)

My nose has a droop to the end of it and I would want it up a bit. Not a whole lot just pushed up to have less of a curve. I don't want surgery so is... READ MORE

May I reshape my nose? What can I do for my big nose? (photos)

I'ts about beauty problems. sir i have more shame from my friends .! READ MORE

Which one is better: non-surgical or surgical?

Sir my nose is wide and thick with a big holes it looks ugly please suggest which one to go with surgical and non surgical nose reshape .i want... READ MORE

My nose is curved. Please tell me: are the nose reshaper products effective or not?

My nose is curve. Please tell me the nose reshaper products are effective or not? READ MORE

"Perfect nose non-surgical" - do they actually work?

Hello! :) I came across these supposed "devices" that you can use on your nose in order to reshape it. Apparently it's been approved by plastic... READ MORE

Permanent Philtrum Columns Augmentation + Non-surgical Nose Reshaping? (photo)

In the last few years I regularly (every 3 months) had hyaluronic fillers injected into 1) PHILTRUM COLUMNS I want to have them more defined +... READ MORE

Can my Nose Go Back to Normal Without Surgery? What Do You Advise I Do?

Hi, I'm 16 years old and I've had a nose picking obsession/addiction all my life. About 2 years ago I became particularly unhappy and paranoid about... READ MORE

Can I Reshape my Nostril Shape by Non-surgical Method by Inserting Silicone or Alloderm?

My nostrils are uneven. I understand the difference is not very noticeable, however, it's my perspective that really matters. I am not wanting... READ MORE

Hi! I would like to know if it is possible to reshape nostrils without surgery? (photo)

Is it possible to reshape nostrils without surgery? because one of my nostril is higher then the other.. READ MORE

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