Removal + Non Surgical Nose Job

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I Just Had an Infected Nose Implant Removed .Thinking of Using Restylane or Hyaluronic, Is This Ok?

I just had an infected nose implant removed . Am thinking of using restylane or Hyaluronic Acid Fillers to fill up the void while waiting for reverse... READ MORE

Is There Anything That Will Soften PMMA for Removal?

I have PMMA in my face. It's lumpy. What are my options? READ MORE

Dorsum Implants? (photo)

I've been researching about how to get rid of my epicanthal folds and was wondering on average how much does it cost to have tissue/fat from your own... READ MORE

Can this be filled in? (photo)

I had skin cancer on tip of nose removed 5 years ago. Can the indentation be filled? READ MORE

Can Non Surgical Nose Surgery removes Bump? (photo)

I have little bump on my nose toward the tip of the nose. So because of that my tip is not visible. Does the fillers helps to removes the bump and... READ MORE

Are there any other options besides rhinoplasty to remove a dorsal hump? Such as fillers. (Photos)

I've been wanting to remove the bump that is on my nose. I've posted on here before for the same problem, but was wondering if there are any other... READ MORE

How can i get rid of this bump on my nose without using plastic surgery. (photo)

I have been noticing a bump on my nose...and so have other people. I am very scared to go anywhere because of this. I want to know what it is, how did... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my nose bump?

Hello, im a 15 year old girl.ive been suffering from my nose bump the past years and the thing is I dont want to do a surgery I just need a quick... READ MORE

How can I remove the sebum stuck inside the tip of my nose?

My nose has quiet large pores, and when I squeeze them I can remove the sebum inside. However in the tip of my nose the pores are small and I can't... READ MORE

How to remove bump on nose without nose job? (Photo)

Hi.. Am 24 yr old and i got a big nose.. I have suffered from pimple on nose.. So due to this i got some bump on my nose and huge fat on top.. You can... READ MORE

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