Refinement + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Can a Non-surgical Nosejob Work for a Tip Refinement?

I had an actual surgical nosejob 10 months ago where the doctor shaved off my bone. It was a tough one. I was very bruised (my eyes and face even)... READ MORE

Nose filler injection to refine and slim down bulbous tip with dent? (photo)

I wish to achieve a slimmer, more defined nose particularly on the tip, which has a dent in the centre. I have a slight bump in the centre of my nose... READ MORE

Could I refine my nose bridge and tip projection with filler? (Photo)

I've never really liked my nose, but at the same time the changes I would like to make are quite small. Or at least they seem that way to my untrained... READ MORE

Can non-surgical fix a bulbous nose or bulb nose?

I have a bulb tip on my tip of my nose i want it well structure and can non surgical refine a tip of my nose? i want it refined but m scare of... READ MORE

Very subtle nose job. How can I refine my nasal tip without major surgery? (Photo)

I have a nice straight nose in general but the tip verges on bulbous and there is a lot of fleshiness which hangs down between the nostrils and gives... READ MORE

I want a filler nose job, but as an African American I'm not sure if it can refine the tip of my nose. Am I a good candidate?

I have a petite nose/narrow bridge but when I smile it spreads (small bulbous tip) I am a bit nervous to get rhinoplasty because I feel it is a fine... READ MORE

I am looking to get filler to create a better profile. What would you suggest? (Photo)

I would like filler on the bridge of my nose and filler to refine the tip. Also filler between my nostrils so that my nose is not hooked and to... READ MORE

How many ccs of Radiesse would be needed for non-surgical Rhinoplastry? (Bridge & tip refinement)

I am an asian female, planning on getting a non surgical rhinoplasty on my nose. I read that no more than 0.3cc is required for nose, but for asian... READ MORE

would I be a good candidate for a non-surgical rhinoplasty? (photos)

I want to make the tip of my nose a little more refined. As you can see, my tip is bulbous and Round. I want to avoid surgery by a non-surgical nose... READ MORE

Is there non-surgical nose tip refinement and is it an option for me? (Photo)

I would like a really subtle refinement of the tip of my nose and would really love to avoid surgery. Here is a photoshopped picture of what my nose... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job for wide nose tip? (photo)

I feel like I have a wide nose tip and would like it more refined/defined, is non surgical approach a good idea READ MORE

Can a nose bridge be created with injections? (Photo)

I know a nose size cant be reduced with botox however it can be made bigger.. Can a bridge be created on my nose by non surgical means or will surgery... READ MORE

Non-Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty. Is hyaluronic acid safe?

Is it possibly for Asians to receive a more refined and defined and lifted tip through non-surgical revision rhinoplasty with the use of hyaluronic... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a rhinoplasty/ non surgical nose job? (Photo)

I have a small bump on the root of my nose which I want to remover decrease as well as a concern about my tip. I'm interested in refining the tip and... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job, had Restylane injected 1 month ago, it looks like it's not symmetrical now? Advice? (photos)

Hi, I've had Restylane injected to my nose a month ago. I asked for more definition and refined tip. So he filled up the bridge of my nose, put a lit... READ MORE

Will taking Estrogen or birth-control (hormones) make my nose thinner? (photos)

I wouldn't have thought of this if the 3 previous rhinos I've had worked (I went to the top surgeons). My nose is the same width! I don't want any... READ MORE

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