Reduction + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Bulbous Tip No Cartilage?

I was wanting to know if there is any way to reduce the size of the tip of my nose without surgery. The tip of my nose has no cartilage. I realize... READ MORE

Can I Use Fillers to Inject on the Sides of my Nose So It Wont "Expand" That Much?

I have a wide nose and it is most noticeable when I smile. Can I go for a non surgical approach to inject fillers to both sides of my nose so that it... READ MORE

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty for African American Females?

Will a non surgical rhinoplasty work for me? I simply want to reduce the size of the tip of My nose and I'm considering reducing the Width of my nostrils. READ MORE

How long should I wait after Restylane and Botox to get pregnant?

I'm considering getting a non-surgical nose job with either Voluma or restylane . I also am considering Botox for a masseter reduction. How long do I... READ MORE

Am I candidate for rhinoplasty or non surgical rhinoplasty? The change I want is very minimal.

To begin with, I love the shape of my nose and the profile of it. It's very nice, The only thing is when I smile it can look a little wide. I would... READ MORE

Could I get away with non-surgical or tip-plasty?

Is my nose too big for a non-surgical nose job? Or could possibly just a reduction in the tip make my nose look better? I hate the huge bulb on my... READ MORE

Are there any non surgical solutions to reduce the roundness of my nose? (Photo)

I've always been very unhappy with my nose. I do not like how round it is on the tip and would love to reduce its size. Are there any non-sugerical... READ MORE

Nasal tip reduction without surgery? (Photo)

I heard about non surgical nose job and how doctors can inject collagen to reshape your nose. I do not have any bumps on my nose and I fear of going... READ MORE

I want to reduce the bump on the upper part of the nose without surgery, what are my options?

Many people have nose bump on the lower part of the nose and can be easily reduced as it consist of a cartilage which is not as hard as a bone. But I... READ MORE

Non surgical Rhinoplasty; Is it possible to inject filler to augment the nose during hump reduction?

Is it possible for filler injection to augment major deficiency in nose ( nasofrontal angle) READ MORE

Can shape of noses bone be reduced without any surgery?

My shape of nose is very large and it looks really odd. The bone have a little odd shape.Is there any way in which can reduce the size of the nose's... READ MORE

My nose is big and wide; how to reduce it without rhinoplasty surgery? (Photo)

My nose is big and wide how to reduce it without rhinoplasty surgery READ MORE

Are there any other non surgical procedures that can be done for a slight bulbous nose reduction and to narrow nostrils? (photo)

I love my profile but wouldn't mind a Nostril reduction. But I feel I would just have my overall nose reduced if I go and get nostrils reduced. Do I... READ MORE

Is there a non surgical way to increase the size of my right nostril or reduce scarring? (photo)

I've had an accident as a child and torn my nostril in half, which needed stitches resulting in the nostrils to not be proportional especially when I... READ MORE

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