Protruding + Non Surgical Nose Job

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I m having the problem of uneven nostrils. Tell me what is the problem how it could be fixed? (photos)

When i touch the nose from the holes.. I can clearly feel the difference of bones. On 1side its protruding while on other its normal. I m scared of... READ MORE

Can my hanging collumella be corrected with a simple procedure under local anesthesia? (photo)

I realize it is difficult to tell from a photo but I'm wondering if it possible for my hanging collumella to be corrected with a simple procedure... READ MORE

Can a nose change shape by pulling, squeezing etc?

I just got a quick question. My nose protrudes out from my face by quite a large amount (4 1/2cm). I believe it is so because when I was growing up as... READ MORE

Can fillers to the nose make the bridge and the round tip come in line with each other?

My nose is such that the skin on the bridge is tightly attached to the underlying bone while the tip protrudes out (like an upside down lolly pop :p),... READ MORE

Could someone tell me what the problem is that I have? Could it be fixed somehow without surgery, maybe? (Photo)

I feel and know that something is strange in my profile. It is because my profile, when looking from left or rifght side are not the same. But... READ MORE

Can protruding right side nose tip be reduced without surgery? (photo)

Middle age with no injury or rhinoplasty. Right side of tip of nose is bigger than left..kind of prutrudes out and up. No pain or bump on the inside.... READ MORE

Left nostrils protrudes more than right nostril. Any suggestions? (photos)

My left nostril is much more pravalent than my right nostril, and is very noticeable. Is it possible to restore the shape of my left nostril to the... READ MORE

Would a non-surgical rhinoplasty filler help conceal my prominent nose/brow bone? (Photo)

I have alway been insecure about my nose and brow bone area. I feel as those it is more prominent than most and gives my face a more muscular... READ MORE

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