Permanent + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Do Nose Reshaping Devices Work? I Am Trying to Correct an Asymmetrical Nose Tip. (photo)

I recently came across a device called Nose Magic that claims to be able to reshape the nose by applying pressure to the cartilage. I am tempted to... READ MORE

Permanent Filler for Non Surgical Nose Job?

Well, I really want Rhinoplasty, but unfortunately I don't have the money. However, I am aware of the non-surgical nose jobs, but they only last 6-8... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job Using Artefill?

Hi. The bridge of my nose between my eyes sinks in. (I believe this is called a "low nasal radix"?) My nose is fairly thin, with a high... READ MORE

Restylane to Fill the Crease on the Nose?

I have a really turned up nose, but I don't mind that as much as the crease RIGHT down the center. I'm very conscious of it as I model a lot and it... READ MORE

I want a permanently pointed nose. What are my options? Is it true that it can be improved by massaging it?

Hello o can i have a pointed nose w/o surgical and i want permanent then is it true if u massaging your nose using by your hands is t there improvements ? READ MORE

Permanent Non Surgical Nose Job

I really don't want to keep going every six months or so, I just want it to be doe permanetly. How is this done? READ MORE

Which Filler Is Normal For A Non Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Which is the best filler to use? wont it slide to the sides or nose tip? Is there any permanent product for a nose augmentation READ MORE

Is there any way to make my nose straight permanently without surgery? (photos)

Is there any way to make my nose straight permanently without surgery? The top of my nose is curved, is there any way to make it flat without surgery?... READ MORE

Hello! Would Like to Find a More Permanent Route to Fix/soften Crooked Portion/indent Upper Portion of Nose? (photo)

I have crookedness at the top of my nose and I have had restylane injections before & the outcome was wonderful. I was looking for a more... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty and Collagen?

I was told by a surgeon that after two to three treatments of nonsurgical rhinoplasty (being injected with radiesse or restylane) the body can produce... READ MORE

Dorsal Onlay Graft Vs Fascia with Diced Cartillage for Bridge Augmentation?

Hello, I would like to ask what is considered as best option for bridge augmentation these days. It seems like many doctors tend to use fascia with... READ MORE

I've Just Had a Non Surgical Nose Job. Should I Continue to Get This Procedure With a Permanent Filler? (photo)

Ive just had a non surgical rhinoplasty. I've detailed my experience in a previous review. Basically I've always been self conscious about my nose and... READ MORE

Permanent Non Surgical Nose Job?

I have heard of silicon-1000 being permanent but the before and after pictures I've seen say they were taken following the patients second treatment,... READ MORE

Can I get permanent injections to make my nose bigger or is surgery the only option?

I have a very small nose with very little to no nose bridge. I heard about a non surgical nose job that can enhance the shape of your nose. If it is a... READ MORE

Fix Crooked Nose?

It is possible to leave the nose apparently right using fillers to increase one of sides? If yes, how does it work? These fillers are permanent? And... READ MORE

Is there a such thing as a permanent non surgical nose job?

I want a permanent surgical nose job! But first I need to know the pros and cons IF there is one. READ MORE

Permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty for this nose? (photo)

Could the wideness, droopy tip and bump on this nose be corrected with non-surgical rhinoplasty and if so how much would the treatment cost in the... READ MORE

Will Nose Cartilage Go Back to How It Was Before After Using Nose Secret?

I recently used this product (nose magic) to try and make my nose skinnier. I used it for 5 days two times a day for 15 mins. I didn't like how my... READ MORE

I pushed my nose in for the past 1 and half year every day

I thought that my nose was ugly and I tried to make it better by pushing it in I did it every day constantly and most of the times with a lot of... READ MORE

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