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Permanent Filler for Non Surgical Nose Job?

Well, I really want Rhinoplasty, but unfortunately I don't have the money. However, I am aware of the non-surgical nose jobs, but they only last 6-8... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job Asian

I have a wide Asian nose, and I am looking into getting a non surgical nose job to make it appear more defined with a bridge and a narrow tip. I was... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job Enough to Raise Tip?

The bump on my bridge doesn't bother me too much, but the downward 'hook' appearance does. Would it be possible to raise the tip with an injection? READ MORE

Do Plastic Inserts for the Nose Work?

I've done the non-surgical nose job with Radiesse to correct a Rhinoplasty surgery I had a few years ago. I'm now thinking of using Nose secret... READ MORE

Restylane vs Radiesse for Non Surgical Nose Procedure

About 7months ago I decided to go for a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure. The Dr. I went to suggested that radiesse was a better filler, so I had 0... READ MORE

Fillers for Making Nose Sharper?

Can I use wrinkle fillers on my nose to make it sharper? How long will it last? What are the side effects? READ MORE

My Nose is Slightly Bent, How Can I Make It Straight Without Any Operation? (photo)

I am really frustrated of my nose please please suggest me any idea. READ MORE

Can Non Surgical Nose Job Correct Exposed Nostrils?

I have overly expose nostrils. Does anyone know whether non surgical nose job can reduce the appearance of my nostrils to the public? Also, what's the... READ MORE

Does the New Product, Nose Secret, Really Works?

Nose Secret? Instant Nose job for 35$? What is your take on this, surgeons? I want to know if you think this works. Is it dangerous? I just want to... READ MORE

How do I make my nose sharper without surgery?

I looked up inking of ways to make it sharper and none of them worked. I massaged the bridges of my nose for about 2 weeks each time for five minutes... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job to Slim Down Nose?

I want to narrow my 14 year old daughters nose and mine. I don't want her or myself to go through surgery though. READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job to Raise Hook Nose Tip?

I'm not please with my nose tip (I have hook nose) and was wandering if a Non surgical nose procedure will be the right chose since is only to raise... READ MORE

How Long Do Temporary Nose Jobs Last?

How long do you have to wait before you get a second temporary nose job? The reason for the question is: in the event that the first temp nose job... READ MORE

Can Non Surgical Nose Job Fix Rounded Nostrils?

I have a straight bridge and I am happy with the size of my nose, but I have slightly rounded nostrils, will non surgical Rhinoplasty work for me? READ MORE

What is the Most Minimally Invasive Procedure for Large Nose Tip?

My nose looks like a downward pointing arrow. Is there a way to "shorten" the appearance of the tip, as well as make it less "round?" READ MORE

Where to Get Nose Inserts?

I was wondering where else could you get nose secret inserts like boots? Or can you go to pharmacy cause I don't trust buying things in the Internet.... READ MORE

Eye Glasses or Surgical Face Mask After Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

After non surgical rhinoplasty with Radiesse injected into nose, how long do I have to wait before I can start wearing eye glasses or surgical face... READ MORE

Non Surgical Way to Fix Nose Bridge After Two Rhinoplasties?

I've previously had two Rhinoplasties before. It's obvious that the bridge of my nose is abnormally sticking out rather than being under the tip of... READ MORE

Add Volume Through Non-surgical Rhinoplasty to Correct Drooping Nose?

I am wondering if maybe I can add volume through non-surgical nose job, to correct the pinch in my nose in the front, and on the top of my nose to... READ MORE

Home Made Solutions for Nose

I have a very slight ski jump nose with the tip just sticking out more than upwards. If i move the tip down with a ruler along my nose or just with my... READ MORE

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