Nasal Bone + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Is It Possible to Narrow Your Upper Nasal Bone Without Surgery?

My upper nasal bone is much wider than the tip is it possible to straighten, and narrow the nasal bone without surgery?Is it also possible to lift the... READ MORE

My Nasal Bone Swelled by Putting Pressure on Both Sides, Will It Return to Normal? (Photo)

Hi, my name is jairus, i always want to make my nasal bone narrowed just like the others, so i grab a solid object and push both sides of my nasal... READ MORE

I want a surgery to correct my nasal bone? (photo)

In the year 2006 i met with a small accident and after that my nasal bone have gone a little cross so just want to consult a doctor to carry on the... READ MORE

You can see my hump from a front view under light. Can this be corrected without rhinoplasty being considered?

Ive noticed something since December 2014 about my nose. Every time light was shun onto my face you could see the hump from the front. You can... READ MORE

Glabella and nasion bone don't go together AT ALL. What could I do to fix it?

My glabella and nasion bother me so much it's so ugly and it honestly makes me depressed. I have somewhat a dent on my nasion. I don't like looking at... READ MORE

Can Osteoclasts Be Stimulated on Nasal Bone to Reduce Its Size & Shape?

OR are there any way to dissolve some layer of nasal bone like using acidic properties of lemon or vinegar to dissolve nasal bone by applying it on skin? READ MORE

Do you think Fillers would be a good choice? (Photos)

This was my 2nd rhinoplasty, I wanted my nasal bones to be narrowed. I don't hate my new results I think it's actually a great improvement from the... READ MORE

Can fillers properly fix a dented nasal bone? Is a more permanent solution in the future a better idea? (Photo)

During my rhinoplasty in November the left side of my nasal bridge was dented. It broke off jagged and my surgeon tried to build it back up with... READ MORE

Is it possible to lessen a nasal hump without surgery? (photos)

Is it possible to get rid of a nasal hump without surgery, Something I can do in my home? I've seen a lot of massages and such for slimming down your... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a non surgical Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I am looking to get rid of my nasal bump on the bridge. Lift my droopy tip. And hopefully create the illusion of a shorter nose and diminish my... READ MORE

Can my nasal tip be improved? (photo)

Terrified of surgery but would like to get a nose job to refine/improve the tip. Can my nose be improved slightly without looking too fake? Honestly... READ MORE

Is this a safe product to use? (Photo)

I came across this website that sold a product called the 2N Nasal Bone Remodelling Essence". I really hated my nose so I thought I'll buy this... READ MORE

Is there any way to regrow my nasal bone with stem cells or any other non surgical method?

My surgeon has shaved my nasal bone and now my profile looks scooped out and very childish which I hate and I don't want another surgery.Are there any... READ MORE

Narrow Your Upper Nasal Bone Without Surgery?

I've notice that my nose looks wider because the upper half of my nose is wider than the end.I'm just wondering, is there a way to improve the... READ MORE

Can shape of noses bone be reduced without any surgery?

My shape of nose is very large and it looks really odd. The bone have a little odd shape.Is there any way in which can reduce the size of the nose's... READ MORE

Can right deviated nasal bone be corrected with other method except surgery?

Non-surgical method to fix my right deviated nasal bone READ MORE

How to make the strain sides of my lower nose less showy and the bone of nose to become more showy? (Photo)

My nose is flattened, big and it looks a little swelling..when I smile, the both sides of the lower part of nose went up and looks so ugly as if I... READ MORE

What nonsurgical procedure I need to require a facial face balance ? I have a long nose with a small nasal tip. (photo)

This is a picture of me with my long nose and ever since i was little i would always remeber that my nose grew x3 but nobody in my family has a nose... READ MORE

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