Narrow Nose + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Is there a mini nose procedure that could make a subtle difference and would make a nose slightly more narrow?

I am basically fine with the shape of my nose however as I have aged and lost volume in my face I now find that my nose seems to overpower the other... READ MORE

My nose tip seems pointy and the bridge is slightly narrow. Could a non-surgical nose job help to achieve a softer look? (photo)

I feel like my nose is seriously throwing off my whole face. As a female, I can only describe it as very unfeminine. However, I can't exactly pinpoint... READ MORE

Is non surgical rhinoplasty an option for me? (photos)

I have a much wider Asian nose and not much of a nose bridge, is it possible for fillers to make my nose appear narrow? READ MORE

Do you think Fillers would be a good choice? (Photos)

This was my 2nd rhinoplasty, I wanted my nasal bones to be narrowed. I don't hate my new results I think it's actually a great improvement from the... READ MORE

Non-surgical nose job by dermal filler? (Photo)

I've had nose job 9 years ago but unfortunately it didn't go well and my nose has gotten too narrow ,specially on the tip . Can I correct it with... READ MORE

I want a filler nose job, but as an African American I'm not sure if it can refine the tip of my nose. Am I a good candidate? (P

I have a petite nose/narrow bridge but when I smile it spreads (small bulbous tip) I am a bit nervous to get rhinoplasty because I feel it is a fine... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for non surgical rhinoplasty to narrow my nose appearance and straighten it? (photos)

I want to do a non surgical rhinoplasty to make my nose look narrower and straighter since it was broken as child I already did a deviated syptom... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job make nose more narrow? (photos)

Can fillers lift my tip and make my nose appear more narrow READ MORE

What procedure would be the best to get a narrower nose bridge/lessen nose hump? (Photo)

I would like to get a narrower nose bridge and was wondering if this could be done with non surgical methods -- would making my bridge higher make my... READ MORE

Are there any other non surgical procedures that can be done for a slight bulbous nose reduction and to narrow nostrils? (photo)

I love my profile but wouldn't mind a Nostril reduction. But I feel I would just have my overall nose reduced if I go and get nostrils reduced. Do I... READ MORE

Aiming for a narrow nose. (Photo)

I've had rhinoplasty before primarily for a deviated septum and a hump on my bridge. But e red roughness look on the crease of my outer left nostril. READ MORE

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