Lift + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Is It Possible to Lift my Nose Tip Without Surgery?

After two surgeries, the most recent one over a year ago I'm unsatisfied with the bridge between the nostrils as it drops like a hanging columella I... READ MORE

Good Candidate for Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm 16 and wondering if I would be a good candidate for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty. I am looking to possibly make the slight appearance of a thinner... READ MORE

How can you make your nose pointy and lift a droopy nose? I do not have enough money for rhinoplasty or fillers.

I have not enough money for rhinoplasty and fillers and after 1 week there is my wedding .is there anything like foam stick to insert inside nose... READ MORE

Can I get a non surgical nose job just to lift the tip of my nose?

I'm interested in getting a non surgical nose job just to raise the tip of my nose so it's not downward from the side. I've been reading reviews about... READ MORE

I don't like the tip of my nose. is there a way to just lift it to make it straight without surgery?

I have a bump on my nose and a hook. I feel like if I can get the hook fixed it wouldn't look so bad and be a bit more straight. what are my options? READ MORE

Can you lift a nostril with Injectable Fillers?

I know you can kind of lower a nostril side but can you lift it? READ MORE

Can PDO threads be used for effective, non-surgical nose shape correction?

I've had 4 rhinoplasties and whilst I am much happier with my nose as I used to be, it's still very slightly bent to one side depending on what angle... READ MORE

I am wondering if my nose can be lifted with a non surgical nose job? I have an aquiline nose and it hooks down.

It dosent. Have any bumps but it hangs down when I smile. I am 14 so am I too young for a non surgical nose job? READ MORE

How much and what kind of procedure can I get? (Photo)

I dont have a problem with my nose but i would like it to be a bit more lifted... I went to one plastic surgeon for a consultation but i feel as if he... READ MORE

Can I get a non surgical nose job after having a open brow lift 2 weeks ago?

I'm considering a non surgical nose job to fix a very small problem. Found some doctors with great reviews, still searching a bit. But I just a open... READ MORE

Non-Surgical Asian Rhinoplasty. Is hyaluronic acid safe?

Is it possibly for Asians to receive a more refined and defined and lifted tip through non-surgical revision rhinoplasty with the use of hyaluronic... READ MORE

Can I lift my nose bridge and tip without surgery? (Photo)

I have a flat nose bridge and a (little) flat nose tip, i wonder if i can fix my nose without plastic surgery. is there any exrecise, equipment to do... READ MORE

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