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Is It Possible to Lift my Nose Tip Without Surgery?

After two surgeries, the most recent one over a year ago I'm unsatisfied with the bridge between the nostrils as it drops like a hanging columella I... READ MORE

Good Candidate for Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm 16 and wondering if I would be a good candidate for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty. I am looking to possibly make the slight appearance of a thinner... READ MORE

Can I get a non surgical nose job just to lift the tip of my nose?

I'm interested in getting a non surgical nose job just to raise the tip of my nose so it's not downward from the side. I've been reading reviews about... READ MORE

How can you make your nose pointy and lift a droopy nose? I do not have enough money for rhinoplasty or fillers.

I have not enough money for rhinoplasty and fillers and after 1 week there is my wedding .is there anything like foam stick to insert inside nose... READ MORE

I don't like the tip of my nose. is there a way to just lift it to make it straight without surgery?

I have a bump on my nose and a hook. I feel like if I can get the hook fixed it wouldn't look so bad and be a bit more straight. what are my options? READ MORE

Can PDO threads be used for effective, non-surgical nose shape correction?

I've had 4 rhinoplasties and whilst I am much happier with my nose as I used to be, it's still very slightly bent to one side depending on what angle... READ MORE

Will Botox lift a naturally droopy nose tip?

I have read mixed reviews online regarding this, some doctors claim it will only help if your nose droops when you smile others claim it will make a... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a Non Surgical Nose Job? (photos)

When i push my nose tip with my finger ,it looks smaller and the hump is kinda unnoticeable , and its perfect for me. will a non-surgical nose job... READ MORE

Can you lift a nostril with Injectable Fillers?

I know you can kind of lower a nostril side but can you lift it? READ MORE

Would a non-surgical nose job make my nose look straighter? (photo)

Hello, I don't like the crooked aspect of my nose and I am not ready for a nose job. Do you think some strategic filler injections on my nose could... READ MORE

Can I create or stimulate scar tissue (collagen) or fibrosis with a needle insertion? Pls, I know it's crazy but I'm desperate.

Had perm. filers injected in nose under the columela.Bigst mstake of my life.I trsted a PS who promsed no risks and cheaper for my parnts. I<3that... READ MORE

I am wondering if my nose can be lifted with a non surgical nose job? I have an aquiline nose and it hooks down.

It dosent. Have any bumps but it hangs down when I smile. I am 14 so am I too young for a non surgical nose job? READ MORE

How much and what kind of procedure can I get? (Photo)

I dont have a problem with my nose but i would like it to be a bit more lifted... I went to one plastic surgeon for a consultation but i feel as if he... READ MORE

Is there anyway I can lift my tip of the nose easy and cheaper?

Like I wouldn't want surgery because it's just the tip of the nose what looks wrong in my opinion. Like if it would be surgery is there any cheap and... READ MORE

Can I change my nose shape without surgery? (photo)

That is my nose in the photo i want to know if i can change my nose shape without surgery or can i lift it up by a device called nose lifter i know... READ MORE

Would filler in nose make a difference. (photo)

I wanted to know if I got filler in my nose if it would give it a more lifted profile. I hate how it looks so flat on my face but I don't know if I am... READ MORE

I would like to improve my side profile, would a non-surgical rhinoplasty work? (Photos)

I'm wondering if I would be a candidate for the non-surgical rhinoplasty (filler) or if I would be better off with a surgical rhinoplasty. I also... READ MORE

Can I lift my nose bridge and tip without surgery? (Photo)

I have a flat nose bridge and a (little) flat nose tip, i wonder if i can fix my nose without plastic surgery. is there any exrecise, equipment to do... READ MORE

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