Injury + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Nose Bump Due to a Hit?

Hello, Three years ago in high school, my friend was running and hit my nose with his shoulder. The hit came directly at the upper part of my nose and... READ MORE

How To Address Nose Bump Without Surgery? (photo)

I've a nose bump, this is because i met with an injury that broke my nose..earlier my nose was normal, now the bump looks weird for my face. it... READ MORE

Ice and Hot Water to Treat a Punched Nose?

A couple of days ago, I got punched in the nose and it swelled, so I was told that if I don't put ice on it for 2 days and then hot water on the... READ MORE

My Nose is Still Swollen From Injury 7 Months Ago?

My nose is still swollen from sport injury last 7 months ago. I got hit my nose really hard and it started to started to bleed. It's hard to explain... READ MORE

I went to see certified plastic surgeon at 4 months since injury that resulted in scars on nose.

He rescheduled at 6 month mark to see if there is more collagen growth. If not then he will use radiese to promote collagen growth. Then said... READ MORE

How long after a nose injury should I wait before getting a 'non-surgical' nose job for a VERY small bump that appeared on nose?

2 weeks ago I fell really hard down the stairs and hit my nose dead on the floor. Dr said it wasn't broken, and that I needed to let the swelling go... READ MORE

I really just want to fix it to get my nose how it looked before. I heard there are non surgical fillers out there. (photos)

Rhinoplasty-I had a slight deviated septum from a basketball injury that I felt was obstructing my breathing. I inquired about a septoplasty and also... READ MORE

Considering non surgical rhinoplasty. Would I be a good candidate, and how much would it cost? (Photo)

I'm 20 years old n I recently injured my nose and I don't have enough for a rhinoplasty surgery and I'm considering on getting a non surgical... READ MORE

Can crooked cartliage be corrected without surgery? (Photo)

I had a septoplasty surgery from a shattered nose injury. The doctor informed me cartlidge has memoryband over time it may curve as it's almost... READ MORE

Is a non surgical nose job safe 3 months after nose injury?

Injury caused significant swelling to persist after high blood pressure and exercise, will this affect a non surgical nose job? Should i wait? Also... READ MORE

2 years ago, I had my nose injury in a fight. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello., 2 years ago my nose injury in fight For this reason. my nose is crooked light and pushed. i visited Dr he was saying a surgery . i am also... READ MORE

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