Injection + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Restylane to Fill the Crease on the Nose?

I have a really turned up nose, but I don't mind that as much as the crease RIGHT down the center. I'm very conscious of it as I model a lot and it... READ MORE

How Much Filler is Required for Non Surgical Nose Procedure?

Ive made an appointment for a consultation - the doctor says he is using radiesse. I was just wondering to build a bridge on an asian nose - how many... READ MORE

Injecting Diced Cartilage with a Syringe in the Form of a Permanent Filler Rhinoplasty?

Hi, I recently had juvaderm injections to augment my nasal bridge with satisfactory improvement. I was wondering about injecting diced cartilage in... READ MORE

can you lift up a nostril rim with injections?

Ok, so I'm planing on getting the non surgical rhinoplasty (revision), my right nostril is a big higher than the left and in pictures it makes my nose... READ MORE

Hello! Would Like to Find a More Permanent Route to Fix/soften Crooked Portion/indent Upper Portion of Nose? (photo)

I have crookedness at the top of my nose and I have had restylane injections before & the outcome was wonderful. I was looking for a more... READ MORE

Can I get permanent injections to make my nose bigger or is surgery the only option?

I have a very small nose with very little to no nose bridge. I heard about a non surgical nose job that can enhance the shape of your nose. If it is a... READ MORE

Alarplasty + Non surgical? (photos)

Could I use alarplasty for the flaring of my nostrils (or whatever else procedure is used to narrow nostril and tip) Then fix my bridge/tip with... READ MORE

I've seen a lot of non-surgical nose job videos recently were they inject fillers into the nose. Can this be done at home?

I was wondering if the stuff the plastic surgeons use can be bought online then is it possible to don the prosedure at home (obviously i would do my... READ MORE

If I get the nose injection, can I make my nose look straight? (Photo)

Hey there thank you for letting me know i got crooked nose but i was wondering for temporary if i can get the nose injection while i make the money... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for non-surgical Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I apologize for the low quality. My primary issue is a dorsal hump, so I wonder if a non-surgical/injection rhinoplasty would work for me. Thanks, Kat READ MORE

Is it possible to correct asymmetry of the nose using fillers?

I have a deviated septum which I have tried to have corrected with 2 surgeries with no success. As a result my nose looks totally different from the... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for non-surgical nose job? (photos)

I have a feeling the only option I have is a revision. I'm hoping to get some advice on possible injectables that I could use. I'm most unhappy with... READ MORE

Did the nose fillers spread or is it normal? (photos)

I've had a non surgical nose job "fillers" 36 hours ago. I feel it's a bit swollen with tiny bump on the left side . Did the nose fillers spread or is... READ MORE

Can you use injections to create a tip for a (wide) nose? (Photo)

My nose is weird and wide and I dislike it very much. I don't really have a tip and i was wondering is there any alternative to rhinoplasty (such as... READ MORE

Is a non-surgical/injectable rhinoplasty right for me? (Photos)

I am getting my lips augmented with juvederm and am also considering getting some in my nose. What improvements - if any - can be achieved with this... READ MORE

Would injections for a wide Asian nose be ideal?

There is a bump on my nose but it's because my nose goes down where the cartilage is so would I be able to build it up? And I heard that you could use... READ MORE

"Lopsided" nose, uneven and collapsing nostril. Advice on correcting this? (photos)

I had rhinoplasty in 2014 to address a deviated septum and a left nostril that collapsed upon inhaling deeply. A year later, my nostrils were uneven,... READ MORE

Candidate for non surgical nose job? (Photos)

I started doing research into rhinoplasty when I came across the non surgical nose job method. From what I understand so far that I have read... READ MORE

What is Skin Lubricant for the Nose?

I found out there is people who inject skin lubricant to the nose. The product is from Japan. I cannot find any information regarding the product by... READ MORE

Will Kenalog injected into the tip of my nose (to dissolve cartilage) have adverse effects?

Today I had Kenalog injected into the tip of my nose to reduce the size of the tip. This was recommended to me by a plastice surgeon who said it would... READ MORE

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