Indentation + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Has a Nose Clip Permanently Damaged my Nose?

About 3 weeks ago, I started using a nose clip on my nose to try to create a higher nose. After one week of wearing it for several hours a day, my... READ MORE

Indent on Tip After Rhinoplasty, Can this be Corrected with a Filler? (photo)

I had a rhinoplasty 5 years ago, to fix a small bump on my bridge. The doctor said while fixing that, it would be advisable to remove some cartilage... READ MORE

Indented line/curve down middle of nose (Photo)

Hello, I have had an indented line/curve down the middle of my nose my whole life. It is only really noticeable in certain lighting but it has always... READ MORE

Can Non-surgical Fillers Help my Profile? (photo)

I am mainly unsatisfied with how projected my nose is, I feel as if it is too large for my face. It also hooks when I smile (pictures included) and... READ MORE

There is a small indentation on the tip of my nose. Could it be fixed with a filler? (Photo)

The indentation almost looks as if someone placed a pearl on the tip of my nose and slightly pushed it in. It's not very deep, though. READ MORE

My nose got dented after being hit playing basketball. Is there a non surgical way to push the dent back? (Photo)

What is the quickest way to correct such a deformity? is there a non surgical way or is surgery the only way? will I have to get my nose bone... READ MORE

Is the non surgical nose surgery going to work on me? (photos)

I am afraid of going under the knife and not being happy! I have an indentation in the bridge of my nose more on one side than the other...and also... READ MORE

Non surgical nose fix? (Photo)

I have got a indent in my nose from a previous botched rhinoplasty and its crooked from front on. Can this be fixed without surgery? READ MORE

I want to know if silicone injections are safe to use for a non-surgical Rhinoplasty? Can it expand, move to a diff area?(photo)

I had a rhinoplasty about 3 years ago and although a definite improvement, I'm bother by some irregularities from the surgery. The bump doesn't bother... READ MORE

Can this be filled in? (photo)

I had skin cancer on tip of nose removed 5 years ago. Can the indentation be filled? READ MORE

I can only afford a non surgical rhinoplasty. Will it help my nose look straighter? Can you estimate a price? (Photo)

I just want to fill in the indent above the bridge of my nose that shows from a side view. Without having a drastic change to the frontal view of my... READ MORE

Is there a permanent option for non surgical nose job?

I'm over 6 months post-op rhinoplasty, started wearing glasses at 6 weeks b/c my doctor said it was ok. I wore them for several weeks and they'd slide... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job for bumpy nasal bridge? (Photo)

Hi, I have a very sad nose. I have had 4 nasal rhinoplasties, the latest to rasp a bone. Well..naturally it healed horribly, leaving bumps on either... READ MORE

Anyway my nose can be fixed without Rhinoplasty surgery? (photos)

I got hit on the right side of my nose and it's indented when I take a picture on of my eye brow looks higher than the other one and I think it has to... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a non surgical rhinoplasty? Would it look nice afterwards? (Photo)

I want my nose to look straighter. Im thinking filling in the indent above the bridge of my nose should do the job. What do you think ? READ MORE

Will nose filler even out my nose? Nasal dip, downward curve, indentation scar and one lifted nostril? (Photo)

I had a nose job on the tip 9 years ago which left me asymmetric with a scar tissue bump. can filler fill indent scar, top left bridge? leftside-high... READ MORE

Would a non-surgical rhinoplasty and chin fillers fix my droopy tip and the deep indent in my chin? (Photo)

The tip of my nose hangs/ is very droopy when I smile. Would getting fillers somehow be able to lift my tip? And I also have a very deep indent in my... READ MORE

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