Hook + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Non Surgical Nose Job for a "Hook Nose"

I have a "wicked witch" nose with a pretty pronounced hook at the end of it and I'm curious if a non surgical nose job would fix this...or... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job Enough to Raise Tip?

The bump on my bridge doesn't bother me too much, but the downward 'hook' appearance does. Would it be possible to raise the tip with an injection? READ MORE

Is There a Non Surgical Method (Ie Injectable Fillers) That Can Either Upturn my Nose Tip or Lift my Septum? (photo)

I've hated my hook nose/low septum/short nostrils/droopy tip problem for the longest time and I was wondering if there were any filler methods that... READ MORE

Is it possible to make my hook nose and big nostrils smaller without surgeries? (photo)

Hello, I'm 15 years old and I really feel bad because of my nose. I feel ugly and I think that people don't really like me because of my nose. I was... READ MORE

I Wanted to Know That Vinegar Can Actually Soften Nasal Bone & Can We Shape It in Desired Way by Applying Pressure on It?

I have little hooked nose I wanted to know that vinegar can actually soften nasal bone & can we shape it in desired way by applying pressure on it... READ MORE

Does It Hurt? Age 14, Hoping to Get Fillers For My Nose? (photo)

Hello, I'm 14 and hoping to get this done. I have a hook nose and it droops down when I smile at times. One problem, i am extremely sensitive to pain.... READ MORE

Can a nonsurgical rhinoplasty correct a hooked nose and a nose that spreads out wide when you smile?

I have a nose that goes down when I smile, my bridge is uneven (it's a bit bumpy) and it spreads out far when I smile. Can a nonsugical rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job possible? (Photo)

I broke my nose when I was younger and want to fix the bump in my nose. Would juvaderm injection help straighten out my nose and make it less of a... READ MORE

Would I be suitable for a non-surgical nose job? (Photo)

I have a hooked nose and a deviated septum that makes it difficult to breathe, especially during the night. I wanted to know if a non-surgical nose... READ MORE

What options do I have for "fixing" a hooked nose non surgically? (Photo)

I'm 16 and my nose is really annoying me because it's big and hooked on the bridge i really want to fix it but i don't think i can afford rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Can a non-surgical nose job fix my problems?

I really hate my nose. I don't really like nose because my side profile because I have a slight bump, my nose hooks down when I smile, and my nose is... READ MORE

I had a very painful surgery when I broke my nose. My doctor informed me it will never be straight. Is this true? (Photo)

Looking for non surgical ways to straighten my already broken/had surgery nose. I hate the "hook" illusion READ MORE

Should I get a nose job? (Photo)

I've been told i have a hooked nose and now i am obsessed with it are there any non-surgical procedures or is surgery my only option? READ MORE

Can I get a hooked nose without surgery?

My nose is a bit upturned and it bothers me a little, especially with masculine appearance and whatnot. I've always liked hooked noses (and before... READ MORE

I am wondering if my nose can be lifted with a non surgical nose job? I have an aquiline nose and it hooks down.

It dosent. Have any bumps but it hangs down when I smile. I am 14 so am I too young for a non surgical nose job? READ MORE

What can be done to my nose to not look so crooked looking and have a hook? Facial fillers and Permalip? (Photo)

I don't want to go drastic with my nose because I do want the lip implants. I just want my nose to be more straight. Not pudgy. READ MORE

What are my options to correct my Roman nose without surgery? (photo)

So I have a really big nose and ot is often classified as a roman hook nose. Anyways, I was wondering if there is any way other than surgery and... READ MORE

How much can a product like Nose Secret permanently alter your nose?

I have been using Nose Secret for the past month and it makes my hooked down-turned nose appear more feminine and straight when I wear it. I love it!... READ MORE

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