Glasses + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Would a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Fix the Bump on my Nose?

Firstly i was born with a pretty nice nose, but ive had to wear glasses for the past few years and this is what i believe has left a dent/bump on my... READ MORE

Could wearing glasses have reversed my non-surgical nose job? (photos)

I paid £500 for juvederm voluma injected into my nose last Tuesday - the results were fab! I was so happy- now today I notice the bump in my nose is ... READ MORE

Will a non surgical nose job hurt the underlying cartilage once it dissolves?

I'm considering a non surgical treatment for nasal tip dents and to widen by bridge. My question is will this harm the nose structure, or prevent me... READ MORE

Is there a permanent option for non surgical nose job?

I'm over 6 months post-op rhinoplasty, started wearing glasses at 6 weeks b/c my doctor said it was ok. I wore them for several weeks and they'd slide... READ MORE

How can I get the dents in my nose fixed????

I have had glasses since I was in first grade and I am 25 years now. I have dents in my nose from wearing the so long. What can I do to have them fixed? READ MORE

How to fix nose hump without surgery?

Okay so i never had a nose hump and my nose was perfect . I wear glasses due to my weak eyes and ive been wearing them since 7 years because i dont... READ MORE

Planning for a rhinoplasty in the future. Looking to take a "test drive" with a filler for the bridge. Am I a good candidate?

I plan on eventually having a rhinoplasty to correct a few things. A low bridge, wide nostrils, and a hanging columella. Before I do that, I want to... READ MORE

Can glasses cause permanent dent in one side of the nose. (photos)

I've been wearing my glasses for about 3 years now and I noticed that it made a dent on the left side of my nose. How do I fix it without plastic surgery? READ MORE

is there any other way to reduce a hump on the nose bridge without surgery or prevent it from getting any larger?

I just figured out that I had this hump on my nose about 4 months ago. Around that time was when I got my new glasses which are kinda heavy for what... READ MORE

Glasses, is a non-surgical rhinoplasty worth it?

I want to have a non-surgical rhinoplasty but am sceptical. I wear glasses basically 24/7 (don't like contacts), and I have a small bump on my nose... READ MORE

What's the best solution to slight bump caused (probably) by glasses? (Photo)

Hello, having worn glasses my whole life I've never really seen my nose from the side, it wasn't until last year that I realized I have a bump on my... READ MORE

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