Flat + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Can a Nose Filler Fix a Blunt Nose Tip?

I was wondering if a nose filler help fix a blunt nose tip? I am relatively happy with the straightness and height of my nose, but I would really like... READ MORE

I'm asian with flat nose and I want to do a non-surgical nose job. What treatment would you recommend? (photo)

I'm asian with flat nose and I want to do a non surgical nose job asap, but how long the recovery and how much? Thanks READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a non surgical nose job? (photos)

My nose has no definition when someone is looking straight at me. It looks flat and wide with high nostrils. I like my profile although my nostrils... READ MORE

Would This Be Possible?

The bottom of my nose is quite flat and I want to make it sharper. I feel like going through surgery is a little too much for such a small change. If... READ MORE

Is Non-surgical nose job safe at the age of 19?

Hi im 18 and my nose is flat and small i want to do non surgical nose job to make it bigger and Paranasal Implants without surgery and also want to do... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job for a flat wide nose? (photos)

I am petrified to go under anesthesia but I cant stand the shape of my nose. I am looking at the non surgical procedures and wondering if it could... READ MORE

Is permanent non surgical rhinoplasty the best option for me? (Photo)

I've always been annoyed with the width of my nasal bridge. My nasal bridge is also very flat and I figured non surgical rhinoplasty would build... READ MORE

What procedures would fix my facial proportions and give me a more balanced and feminine look. - Nonsurgical nose job? (photo)

Would a nonsurgical nose job make the most impact ,or would a combination of procedures yeild the best results? My side profile makes me EXTREMELY... READ MORE

Would a non surgical nose job be able to fix the flatness of the tip of my nose? If not, then what? (photos)

Hi, as you can see in the photo my nose is alright. The only problem I have with it is how the tip is rather flat. It looks like it almost got to the... READ MORE

Am I the Right Candidate for a Non Surgical Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I dont like my nose, it's very big flat and my bridge is crooked. I'm looking for something that can help it look straight and a little bit more... READ MORE

I'm 22 years old and I'm having a short and flat nose; want to make it bigger & pointed without surgery? (Photo)

I want to make it bigger and pointed with exercise, surgery is what I can't do. I need help READ MORE

Non surgical nose job?

I would like to get a permanent nose filler like artefill how much that would cost knowing that I have a flat nose like Asians. I want to get lip... READ MORE

Would filler in nose make a difference. (photo)

I wanted to know if I got filler in my nose if it would give it a more lifted profile. I hate how it looks so flat on my face but I don't know if I am... READ MORE

Can I get my nose straight without surgery?

My nose from one side is longer than the other. The right is flatter as longer and the left is shorter and more out. And therefore is not straight... READ MORE

Do I need a rhinoplasty to fix this, or can I opt for then non-surgical injection nose job? (Photos)

I was hit in the face w a softball 7 years old, so my nose grew funky. 8 yrs ago I had septoplasty to fix my deviated septum/sinus infections which it... READ MORE

Would a non surgical nose job & cheek fillers work for me? (Photo)

The pic in the pink is of me and I hate my nose and my flat cheeks & double chin the double chin isn't very noticeable but I HATE it. I love the... READ MORE

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