Exercise + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Is it possible to make my nose smaller by nose exercise?

I'm not really contented and comfortable with my nose which is a little bit bigger on the tip. So, I searched for ways on how to make my nose smaller... READ MORE

I want my nose thin and sharp without any surgery, but only by yoga and exercises ? Can it is possible ???

I want my nose to be thin and sharp . It is very thick and even not sharp . How Can I without any surgery, but only by yoga and exercises ? Can it is... READ MORE

My nose becomes more bigger after exercise. Any suggestions?

I had a big nose and a saw video on youtube to make it thinner....it's works great for a week but after 1 week my nose becomes bigger then earlier. i... READ MORE

Can lip exercises change my nose shape?

Hi. Ive been doing lip exercises daily for around 4 months. I think my nose has gotten bigger since then. Is that possible? If so, how can I fix it? READ MORE

Is their any chance to get your wide nose shape without any expensive surgery?

My nose is very wide and fat. I have used all nose shaping products but I've found no results. As my nose is very tone so my fat nose cartilage looks... READ MORE

I want to know the exercises I need to make my nose looks smaller. (photo)

It's as you see in the picture, it's annoying me. Please give me the exercises I have to do and how much time do I have to take to do the... READ MORE

I'm 22 years old and I'm having a short and flat nose; want to make it bigger & pointed without surgery? (Photo)

I want to make it bigger and pointed with exercise, surgery is what I can't do. I need help READ MORE

Are there any possible exercises or non surgical options that don't include injections? (Photo)

I have nose hump which was bothered me for several years and due to finical issues ive found it difficult to find any alternatives to surgery. Thank... READ MORE

Can a pointed nose be fixed with simple nose exercises?

I have a pointed nose. Especially because my nasal bone is higher so, i am having this problem. So, I have seen in some websites about some nose... READ MORE

Can I fix my tense nose when I smile without surgery, botox etc? (photos)

My nose is small, but when I smile it seems to widen outwards a lot! And also droops. My nose becomes very tense and scrunched up and people say I... READ MORE

Is a non surgical nose job safe 3 months after nose injury?

Injury caused significant swelling to persist after high blood pressure and exercise, will this affect a non surgical nose job? Should i wait? Also... READ MORE

Do nose clippers really work? (Photos)

We all know that nose is om center of our face. It got easily seen by everyone. Seing a pointed nose to somebody really looks so beautiful and awesome... READ MORE

Is there a nose exercise to gain a good nose shape and if yes what would it be?

I pinch my nose a lot. but still no result.Hope to get a great response. READ MORE

How to make nose not crooked with no forms of surgery? (photo)

My nose is crooked and it points way more to the right than it should. Is there excersised i can undergo at home to eventually make it lean in the... READ MORE

Does nose exercise will get your nose bigger?

Help ! Does nose exercise will get your nose bigger? Hey doc! I alwaya exercise my nose almost 2-3 yrs because I hate the shape and its wider . but... READ MORE

20-month post rhinoplasty possible, nasal valve collapse? (Photos)

Hi! I have difficulty breathing out my right nostril v difficult to exercise. My surgeon is an ent and rhino specialist and told me it was allergies... READ MORE

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