Effective + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Are Japanese nose straighteners effective and safe to use? (photos)

Are Japanese nose straighteners effective and safe to use, as the nose cartilage is malleable and can be reshaped after time. READ MORE

Nose Reshaping Clips + Constant Heat? (photo)

I have several nose clips for reshaping: Nasofix, Nose Right, Nose Up, Nose Roller, Metal Nose Reshaper, etc.If I use this consistently all summer,... READ MORE

Can Permanent Fillers Be Used to Camouflage the Hump on my Nose? (photo)

Can permanent fillers be used to mask the hump on my nose? if so, what will be the name of the filler and how much will it cost? How long will the... READ MORE

Can This Scooped out Bridge Be Helped with a Non-surgical Proedure? (photo)

Can this profile be modified with a non surgical procedure?. It was a product of a previous procedure READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job to Lift Droopy Nose Tip?

My question is can fillers be used to help lift a droopy nose in the same manner in which they help sagging faces by being added to cheek areanose has... READ MORE

Using Fillers for Building Dorsum?

Do fillers work in an aggressively resected dorsum caused by surgery? . Can a straight or straighter profile be achieved.? READ MORE

Can a Non-Srugical Nose Job Be Used to Hide a Large Dorsal Hump?

I hate my nose but don't like the idea of undergoing surgery. I've been looking into the 'non surgical nose job' but would like to know more about the... READ MORE

Will Topical Application of Glucosamine Sulfate Enhance Nose Bridge?

There is this Korean product that claims its glucosamine sulfate mask can enhance the nose bridge by 3-6mm, but I haven't been able to find any... READ MORE

Can I Get a Non Surgical Nose Job? (photo)

I am considering a non surgical nose job but i am scared that it will not look right. I want the hump filled in but Im just nervous about it. Will a... READ MORE

I've Just Had a Non Surgical Nose Job. Should I Continue to Get This Procedure With a Permanent Filler? (photo)

Ive just had a non surgical rhinoplasty. I've detailed my experience in a previous review. Basically I've always been self conscious about my nose and... READ MORE

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Issues with Repeat Injections?

Hi Dr.'s, I had a question and would absolutely appreciate some feedback. For those of us contemplating non-surgical rhinoplasty to improve a flat... READ MORE

Botox for the Nose. when I Flex and Pull Down my Nose Can Botox Paralyze It into That Position?

I have found research about nose job alternatives which allowes the use of dermal fillers to create volume to assymetrical minor problems in the nose.... READ MORE

Questions About Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (With Injectable Dermal Fillers)?

About a month ago, I had a revision Rhinoplasty which left me with prominent bridge, dent right below it on both side, and also another big dent on... READ MORE

What is the safest most effective filler for non-surgical nose job?

I am considering a non-surgical nose job and I am trying to determine what is the safest yet most effective way to camouflage or straighten out my... READ MORE

Would a "non-surgical" rhinoplasty be effective in my case? (Photo)

I suffered a nasal fracture and deviated spetum roughly three years ago while playing basketball, and my nose has since been crooked. It seems as if... READ MORE

How effective is a non-surgical nose job? (Photo)

For the past 4-5 years, I have hated my nose. My self-confidence has completely plummitted due to it. My financial state at the moment isn't the... READ MORE

Can I reduce my nose by using nose correction device? (Photo)

I use nose correction device to reduce my nose. I send you photo of nose correction device to reduce my nose. Please tell me that can I use the nose... READ MORE

The Nose Clip Has Been Effective On Me. Does it Differ For Everyone?

It has been four months since I purchased the nose clip and i am really impressed with the result it gave. I had been consistently using it for about... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reshape Your Nose and Make It Less Droopy Using the Nasofix or Nose Right?

I have a droopy nose with a bump on the nasal bone area. I have always wanted to get rid of it, but not sure if i want to have surgery because i heard... READ MORE

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