Dissolve + Non Surgical Nose Job

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How Long Does Radiesse Last in the Nose?

I had a Radiesse nose-job about a year ago that went horribly wrong, and my nose has not yet returned to normal. I am wondering if any doctors who... READ MORE

Radiesse Non Surgical Nose Job - How Can I Reverse it?

I don't like my new nose at all. Did not know this was non reversible like Restylane or I wouldn't have had it done. Is there anything I can... READ MORE

Would my Nose Return to Its Exact Pre-Injection State After the Complete Breakdown of a Non Permanent(hyaluronic Acid) Filler?

By this time the effects of a non surgical nosejob have gone away,which was done for correcting crookedness on front view.A depression on the tip and... READ MORE

Dissolving nose cartilage with caffeine?

Hello! I read that caffeine dissolves calcium. So, I have a question: Is it possible to dissolve nose cartilage(or even a bone) by putting on a nose... READ MORE

Can Osteoclasts Be Stimulated on Nasal Bone to Reduce Its Size & Shape?

OR are there any way to dissolve some layer of nasal bone like using acidic properties of lemon or vinegar to dissolve nasal bone by applying it on skin? READ MORE

Asymmetry after Non Surgical Nose Job, can this be fixed?

I got a non surgical nose job to straighten out a bump 3 weeks ago an I'm going for a top up tomorrow as my nose which was perfectly straight looking... READ MORE

Could a non surgical nose job be reversed?

A doctor talked me into being able to give the illusion of slightly off my nose being more symmetrical and straighter and doing it during the consult.... READ MORE

Will a non surgical nose job hurt the underlying cartilage once it dissolves?

I'm considering a non surgical treatment for nasal tip dents and to widen by bridge. My question is will this harm the nose structure, or prevent me... READ MORE

Is it safe to get a non surgical nose job top up done by a different doctor?

The doctor who initially carried out my non surgical nose job was an absolute nightmare for me! She overfilled my nose an was so rude when I raised my... READ MORE

Am I candidate of a non surgical nose job? (photo)

I'm left with a wide bridge and crooked nose after my revision Rhino, I'm too scared to get another invasive procedure done. Can a non surgical nose... READ MORE

Can Teosyal dermal filler be dissolved completely in the nose???

Hi, a few months ago I had the non surgical nose job procedure using teosyal, however it has now left my nose looking much wider and extremely big, I... READ MORE

What nose filler adds the most volume? (photos)

Got 1/2 syringe of restylne in my nose to disguise my dorsal hump 6 months ago. I go back in 2 weeks to have it redone since it has dissolved. For the... READ MORE

Can you get restylane removed beforehand? How invasive is tip plasty in terms of added projection and increased rotation?

Hello I had a non surgical rhinoplasty this year early march, and I don't think I fully agree with the results after weeks of thinking about it. I... READ MORE

Will Kenalog injected into the tip of my nose (to dissolve cartilage) have adverse effects?

Today I had Kenalog injected into the tip of my nose to reduce the size of the tip. This was recommended to me by a plastice surgeon who said it would... READ MORE

What is the cause of my bulbous nose? Could it be because my fillers are not fully dissolved? I had it done 6 mths ago? (Photo)

I had my nose fillers done like 6mths ago and i'm afraid its not fully dissolved before i went for my rhinoplasty ( 7 days ago ) It's been 1 week... READ MORE

Glasses, is a non-surgical rhinoplasty worth it?

I want to have a non-surgical rhinoplasty but am sceptical. I wear glasses basically 24/7 (don't like contacts), and I have a small bump on my nose... READ MORE

Is it safe to get a top up non surgical nose job by a different injector/doctor?

The doctor who initially carried out my non surgical nose job was an absolute nightmare for me. She over filled my nose, an was so rude when I went... READ MORE

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