Dents + Non Surgical Nose Job

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What Can I Do for a Small Dent on the Tip of my Nose?

When I was a newborn I had those little tiny white pimple like bumps on my nose. My father didn't know what they were and scratched one off and... READ MORE

Would a Non-surgical Rhinoplasty Fix the Bump on my Nose?

Firstly i was born with a pretty nice nose, but ive had to wear glasses for the past few years and this is what i believe has left a dent/bump on my... READ MORE

Nose filler injection to refine and slim down bulbous tip with dent? (photo)

I wish to achieve a slimmer, more defined nose particularly on the tip, which has a dent in the centre. I have a slight bump in the centre of my nose... READ MORE

Will Fillers Work for the Top of the Nose Bridge?

I wear glasses a lot and have quite a large nose with a high bridge. I have a little dent at the top of the bridge where my glasses rest and was... READ MORE

Questions About Non-surgical Rhinoplasty (With Injectable Dermal Fillers)?

About a month ago, I had a revision Rhinoplasty which left me with prominent bridge, dent right below it on both side, and also another big dent on... READ MORE

Is it safe to get a filler in the tip of the nose?

I had surgery to correct a broken nose some years ago. I was left with an atrophic dent on one side of my nose tip. I was interested in doing the... READ MORE

Do you think Fillers would be a good choice? (Photos)

This was my 2nd rhinoplasty, I wanted my nasal bones to be narrowed. I don't hate my new results I think it's actually a great improvement from the... READ MORE

Fillers or surgery for my nose tip? (photos)

My nose has dents either side if the tip and I'm not sureif the best treatment. It feels like I have excesses cartilage in the tip too. Would fillers... READ MORE

Can fillers properly fix a dented nasal bone? Is a more permanent solution in the future a better idea? (Photo)

During my rhinoplasty in November the left side of my nasal bridge was dented. It broke off jagged and my surgeon tried to build it back up with... READ MORE

Is it possible to do a non surgical nose job to reduce width and roundness or would I have to get a rhinoplasty? (Photo)

I have a very wide nose and am looking to get a more pointed and proportional look. I also have a little dent on the right side. READ MORE

Will a non surgical nose job hurt the underlying cartilage once it dissolves?

I'm considering a non surgical treatment for nasal tip dents and to widen by bridge. My question is will this harm the nose structure, or prevent me... READ MORE

How can I get the dents in my nose fixed????

I have had glasses since I was in first grade and I am 25 years now. I have dents in my nose from wearing the so long. What can I do to have them fixed? READ MORE

Left front tip of my nose is dented... What are my options to get it fixed? (photos)

I dented the front left tip of my nose scratching it. I do not want to have rhinoplasty is there anyway to fix it non surgecically? READ MORE

Can dermal filler be used to fill in the dent on the left side of my nose? (Photo)

Cartilage was broken 20 yrs ago, resulting in dent.  Rhinoplasty is too expensive for me at this time, so would a dermal filler such as Juvederm... READ MORE

Will perm fillers help my dent on my nose (result from revision rhinoplasty)? (Photo)

Please help let me know if there is such thing as permanent fillers and if they will help the dent on the right side of my bridge. Im 3 weeks and a... READ MORE

Non surgical rhinoplasty?

How soon after rhinoplasty is it 'okay' to get a non surgical rhinoplasty? I know it takes a full year to see final results, but my PS has already... READ MORE

I have a bump on my nose and my nose is crooked, can this be fixed non surgically? If not, what procedure would I need? (photos)

There are also "dents" in the sides of my nose that I don't like. Is there a way to remove those? I am 21 years old with a Pakistani ethnic origin. READ MORE

Can glasses cause permanent dent in one side of the nose. (photos)

I've been wearing my glasses for about 3 years now and I noticed that it made a dent on the left side of my nose. How do I fix it without plastic surgery? READ MORE

Dent in Front Sides of Nose. Do Not Want Rhinoplasty (photo)

I have a deviated nasal septum & bone. I should also mention that I have a polyp growth in my nose. In the pic attached, my nasal bone is deviated... READ MORE

Is a dent on a child's nose fixable for the time being?

My sun suffered a sport injury that resulted in a fracture, reduced at the hospital few days later when the swelling came down. Now his nose appears... READ MORE

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