Damage + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Do Nose Reshaping Devices Work? I Am Trying to Correct an Asymmetrical Nose Tip. (photo)

I recently came across a device called Nose Magic that claims to be able to reshape the nose by applying pressure to the cartilage. I am tempted to... READ MORE

Nostrils Returning to Normal?

My friend was dissatisfied with the flatness of her nose so she decided to use one of those chinese clippers products. After around 3 months, she... READ MORE

Does Cartilage Damage Require Full Surgery, Or Are There Non Surgical Options? (photo)

I had acute rhinitis most of my life until I had surgery to remove baby teeth that never dropped and were impacted in my sinus cavity. As a result, I... READ MORE

You can see my hump from a front view under light. Can this be corrected without rhinoplasty being considered?

Ive noticed something since December 2014 about my nose. Every time light was shun onto my face you could see the hump from the front. You can... READ MORE

Nose squeezing damage. Is this going to be permanent?

Hello, I squeezed my nose with my fingers for maybe 5-10 minutes and now it looks shorter, but bigger and wider. This is my sixth day and it still... READ MORE

Can regular filler injections to correct pollybeak deformity cause longterm damage or complications? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty 16 months ago to correct a dorsal hump n a drooping tip. I have pollybeak deformity that my surgeon corrects with filler injections... READ MORE

My Nose Got Bumped Just 2 Weeks Post Op but Nothing Looks Different and There is No Swelling. Will Damage Show Up Later?

It has only been a couple of hours but there is no swelling and nothing looks any different. It hurt very little after being hurt. And the pain is now... READ MORE

How is necrosis treated in non-surgical rhinoplasty?

I know necrosis or blood flow restriction is a possibility with a non-surgical rhinoplasty. I want to know what the common treatment is to address... READ MORE

9 months ago I fell onto my nose & damaged it. What can I do to fix this? Preferably without surgery (Photos)

When I fell on it first it wasn't broken but had lump and cartilage was slightly displaced so pushed outwards either side. other day accidentally... READ MORE

Can Placing A Continuous Force to the Nasal Bone Damage The Nose Or Create A Bone Callus? Does A Bone Callus Go Away Over Time?

I've been always pushing on my nasal bone when I was a teen because I didn't like my nose.Now I regret it.I really like my nose now.The only thing... READ MORE

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