Correction + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Can my hanging collumella be corrected with a simple procedure under local anesthesia? (photo)

I realize it is difficult to tell from a photo but I'm wondering if it possible for my hanging collumella to be corrected with a simple procedure... READ MORE

Can my nose be corrected other than Rhinoplasty? (photos)

I do not like my photos at all, because all you can see is my bulbous nose! I certainly do NOT want to have surgery rhinoplasty to slim down the nose.... READ MORE

Non-surgical nose job by dermal filler? (Photo)

I've had nose job 9 years ago but unfortunately it didn't go well and my nose has gotten too narrow ,specially on the tip . Can I correct it with... READ MORE

Is nonsurgical rhinoplasty an option for correcting a wide nose for an African American female?

I am a African American woman (mid 40s) and interested in rhinoplasty and eye life. My nose is really wide and it appears it's widening with age. I am... READ MORE

Can non surgical rhinoplasty (fillers) work to correct my primary rhinoplasty ? (Photo)

Hello, I had a primary rhinoplasty almost 8 months ago..I'am not happy with the result as I think it does not fit my face and my frontal view is worst... READ MORE

Can I do anything to re-correct my nose that isn't surgery? (photo)

I am very unhappy with my nose I had septoplasty 5 years ago to correct a deviated septum, but i have noticed my breathing in one nostril is worse and... READ MORE

Can regular filler injections to correct pollybeak deformity cause longterm damage or complications? (Photo)

I had rhinoplasty 16 months ago to correct a dorsal hump n a drooping tip. I have pollybeak deformity that my surgeon corrects with filler injections... READ MORE

One nostril higher than other - filler or simple procedure to correct? (Photo)

One nostril is noticeably higher than other - it doesn't bother me majorly as I like my nose apart from this so don't want a full on rhinoplasty. Is... READ MORE

Is there such thing as a safe and effective way to treat nasolabial folds?

I have done tons of research on filleres and came to the conclusion that ha fillers are not 100% safe nor natural. I've read many horror stories on... READ MORE

I have a bent nose. What should I do? Can it be corrected? (Photo)

I want my nose in its real posture but can it be corrected without surgery READ MORE

Non surgical filler to correct dorsal hump? (Photo)

Hi, I've heard a lot about "non surgical nose jobs" and wanted to know if I was a good candidate for it. I dislike the hump on my nose and am looking... READ MORE

I think my nose is too big. Is there a way to make it small and beautiful? (photos)

My nose is too big and wide i m annoyed of it. Any method to correct my ugly big nose into a smaller one READ MORE

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty, recommended? (photos)

My nose is not straight and it shows a little bit when you look at me face to face, that never bothered me before but as I age it's starting to show... READ MORE

How much is cost of nose correction without surgery.

Place where can i do this in grand rapids mi READ MORE

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