Chin + Non Surgical Nose Job

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Non surgical nose job, chin fillers, and under eye folds (Photo)

Hello, My nose is quite flat at the bridge and I am hoping that fillers can raise the volume of that, and also the overall height of the nose. I've... READ MORE

Do I look like a good candidate for a non-surgical (liquid) nose job? I would love a straighter bridge with a cute tip. (Photo)

As I have aged I feel as though my nose has become more prominent. I would love a straighter bridge with a cute tip. Also perhaps some filler in my... READ MORE

Best filler to fill in nose and chin? (photos)

I want to know which fillers are best to fill in the bridge of my nose to camouflage a bump, and what could be used to maybe plump up the chin and... READ MORE

Treatment for premature aging on neck? (photo)

Hi, I am 23 y/o and in the last year or so have noticed my neck seems to be aging quickly. I have a vertical little flap of sagging skin right in the... READ MORE

I am looking to get filler to create a better profile. What would you suggest? (Photo)

I would like filler on the bridge of my nose and filler to refine the tip. Also filler between my nostrils so that my nose is not hooked and to... READ MORE

*(This is a follow-up question) -- Based on my profile, what would you recommend to improve it? (Photo)

I want to reduce the size of my nose, and would love a non-surgical option, if possible. My neck looks very turkey-like and undefined in candid photos... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for a non surgical rhinoplasty as well as maybe more defined chin/jaw procedure? (Photo)

I am not quite sure if I want to go under the knife yet, if I do I do. But I want to know if this could be an alternative. As well as a chin/jaw... READ MORE

I am a good candidate for No-Surgical Nose Job and Chin Fillers? (photos)

One of the pictures is how my nose and chin look right now, and the other is the results I would like to achieve. Could I achieve this results with... READ MORE

Are fillers a good option to rectify my nose tip? (Photos)

Just before the end of my nose (about 2/3 down) the angle of my nose changes to point down. I always wanted a 'cute' nose and I don't think mine is. I... READ MORE

Could I benefit from non-surgical rhinoplasty, jaw reduction and more prominent chin? (Photo)

How many units of botox do you think I would need to achieve a more slimmer, narrow Westernized look? My eyes are okay - I have to accept that I'm... READ MORE

Non-surgical nose job or chin fillers? (Photo)

I want to make the appearance of my side profile better and would like opinions on which procedure would help enhance the ratio of my face. I was not... READ MORE

Would a non-surgical rhinoplasty and chin fillers fix my droopy tip and the deep indent in my chin? (Photo)

The tip of my nose hangs/ is very droopy when I smile. Would getting fillers somehow be able to lift my tip? And I also have a very deep indent in my... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for non-surgical nose job and injectable chin augmentation? (Photo)

Not considering surgery. I can't stand my profile -- I'm looking to disguise my hump and augment my chin to improve my profile. I'm not considering... READ MORE

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