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Can the Shape of the Nose Change by Placing Long Term Continuous Force to the Nasal Bone?

I've been always pushing on my nasal bone when I was little because I didn't like my nose.But now I regret it so much.I like my nose now but the only... READ MORE

Nostrils Returning to Normal?

My friend was dissatisfied with the flatness of her nose so she decided to use one of those chinese clippers products. After around 3 months, she... READ MORE

Is it at all possible to change the shape of the nose through non surgical means?

Purely theoretical, is it at all possible to alter that shape of the nose through pushing, pulling and massaging the nasal structure or by using... READ MORE

My nose shape changed after a fall. Is there a way to fix it without surgery?

Well about a year ago i fell over a rope and landed directly on my nose. my friends escorted me to the hospital.They said that i did not break the... READ MORE

Pointy cartilage at the tip of my nose that sticks out and is shiny/red and can't be covered by makeup, what is this? (photos)

I noticed a change in my nose about six months ago, possibly from pushing down on my pores a lot which caused a change in the cartilage? It is red,... READ MORE

Playing with Nose Change Its Shape?

Hi, five months ago I experienced symptoms of what I believe to be a mild nasal vault collapse, since then I have been obsessed with my nose as I... READ MORE

Can a nose change shape by pulling, squeezing etc?

I just got a quick question. My nose protrudes out from my face by quite a large amount (4 1/2cm). I believe it is so because when I was growing up as... READ MORE

Filler / rhinoplasty for nose tip? (photo)

In the last 12 months my nose tip has changed shape - the cartilage appears to have grown / become prominent on one side. Other than trauma (which I... READ MORE

Are there are any non surgical procedures that can lengthen the tip of my nose? (Photo)

I did a rhinoplasty when I was 18 years old and now I am 22. Before getting my nose done it was small to begin with, but I didn't like the fact that... READ MORE

is there anyway to naturally change the shape of this kind of nose. Its wide, long, and hookish. (photos)

If I want my tip fixed and made smaller and pointier. Also I would want the hump removed and the nose thin all around from nasal bone to tip, and the... READ MORE

Can you change nose or make nose crooked by bending it? Or does it return to the way it was?

Is it possible to change the position or shape of nose by forcefully contorting nose or through facial expressions or exercises? READ MORE

Can water change shape of nose permanently?

I read someplace that the nose usually swells up during the night. A trick to reduce the swelling was supposed to be spilling some cold water on the... READ MORE

Can I change my nose shape without surgery? (photo)

That is my nose in the photo i want to know if i can change my nose shape without surgery or can i lift it up by a device called nose lifter i know... READ MORE

How can I change my nose and area around my mouth and eyebrows? (Photos)

I want to know how could I change or alter the look around my nose eyebrows and mouth area. Or give your personal advise on what you believe you see... READ MORE

Is it possible to change the shape or the bone structure with playing nose?

When I was 13 years old, some children at my school made some jokes about my nose. It had psychological very negative impact on me. I became obsessed... READ MORE

Non surgical nose job for subtle change? (photos)

I was wondering if a non surgical nose job would be fit for me since I don't want to change my nose entirely or do anything drastic just something subtle. READ MORE

Uneven nostrils after nosefillers?

Recently got a nonsurgical nosejob done using only fillers. It made my nose straighter and overall looks better. Have noticed that my nosetrils are... READ MORE

My nose, eyes, and entire face changes daily. How can this be treated?

I used a product called nose right to thin my nose but it messed my entire nose up. Although this may be hard to believe, every day, if I laugh, chew,... READ MORE

Does this online nose shaping equipment, like Nasofix, work to change the shape of your nose slightly if not completely?

Hey It would be really helpful if anyone of you could help me out with this .. Like making the nose slimmer than before .. would they cause any... READ MORE

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