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Non Surgical Nose Job to Make Narrow Nose?

I would like to know if I am a candidate for the Non surgical nose job. I have a pretty wide nose and I wanted to know if the non-surgical rhinoplasty... READ MORE

Nonsurgical Nose Job - Can It Change the Shape of my Nose?

I would like to change the shape of the tip of my nose, however, I don't want to go through surgery. Will a nonsurgical nose job do this? READ MORE

Is There a Way to Fix my Nose with Non-surgery Job? (photo)

Hi a girl. 20 yrs old just wanna know if there is a way to fix my nose withe non-surgery job ..i hate my nose ...i feel embarrassed because of it... READ MORE

Will a Non Surgical Nose Job Work for my Droopy Nose?

I want to go for non surgical nose job for my droopy nose. But i am not sure if it will work for my nose or not. It does not droop when i smile and... READ MORE

My nose tip is very round. Is there any way that I can change my shape without surgery?

I have never been happy with my nose. I think it's too big and round and undefined. I am still a teenager. Is there any way that I can change my shape... READ MORE

I Want To Increase the Height of my Nose Bridge with Fillers. Will My Sinus Issues Complicate This?

I have an Asian nose with a flatter bridge so I'm actually considering if I should go for a filler. But my main concern is that I've got sinus... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job for African American Woman?

I am interested in defining the bridge of my nose and wanted to know if I would be an ideal candidate for a non surgical nose job. I am not looking to... READ MORE

Non Surgical Rhinoplasty for Long Skinny Crooked Nose

I am looking into non surgical rhinoplasty but it seems like from what ive read its best for bumps on the nose, thats really not my concern, my nose... READ MORE

Am I A Candidate for A Non-surgical Nose Job?

I really do not enjoy the appearance of my nose but i don't want to end up getting rhinoplasty though, so i want to have a brief idea do i seem... READ MORE

Can a Non-surgical Nosejob Work for a Tip Refinement?

I had an actual surgical nosejob 10 months ago where the doctor shaved off my bone. It was a tough one. I was very bruised (my eyes and face even)... READ MORE

My nose is huge, has a curve and droops. Am I a Candidate for a Non Surgical Nose Job? (photo)

Hi I hate my nose have done since the age of 13! Don't mind it so much front on, but from the side I hate it, it's huge has a curve and droops, it... READ MORE

Why does my nose look like this?

I'm curious why my nose looks like this. It seems like the bridge of my nose is fairly straight, but then it begins to lean to the left near the tip.... READ MORE

Good Candidate for Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm 16 and wondering if I would be a good candidate for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty. I am looking to possibly make the slight appearance of a thinner... READ MORE

Should I Consider Non-surgical Rhinoplasty?

I know I might seem young, being only 17 and wanting to change the way my nose looks, but I've never been happy with it, I feel that it makes me... READ MORE

Non-Surgical Nose Job At 16, too Young?

Hi. I will be turning 16 in a few months. I've really put a lot of thought into this & I think I really want a non-surgical nose job. I've... READ MORE

Would I Be a Candidate for Non Surgical Rhinoplasty?

I am interested in having a procedure done to my nose, however, I do not want a surgical rhinoplasty procedure. I was looking to have one of the non... READ MORE

I Want To Soften My Bridge. Am I a Canidate for a Non Surgical Nose Job?

Im not looking for the "perfect" nose, but i wanted the bridge to appear softer. Please let me know if i am a candidate for non surgical... READ MORE

Would a Non-surgical Nose Job Help, or Do I Need a Surgical Procedure? (photo)

Hi, I am a 20 year old female and a student, I don't have a lot of money obviously, but have been so unhappy with my nose my whole life. As you can... READ MORE

What can I do about a bulbous nose, that won't require surgery?

I have a bulbous nose, I can tell that it's definitely tissue. I can feel the bone and cartilage and it's actually quite narrow. My tip of my nose... READ MORE

Do Fillers Work Well for Masking a Dorsal Hump or Will It Make the Nose Look Longer?

I have seen before and after pictures of fillers used to temporarily minimize the size of a dorsal hump. It seemed that sometimes the added filler... READ MORE

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