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Non Surgical Nose Job Asian

I have a wide Asian nose, and I am looking into getting a non surgical nose job to make it appear more defined with a bridge and a narrow tip. I was... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job Enough to Raise Tip?

The bump on my bridge doesn't bother me too much, but the downward 'hook' appearance does. Would it be possible to raise the tip with an injection? READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job Using Artefill?

Hi. The bridge of my nose between my eyes sinks in. (I believe this is called a "low nasal radix"?) My nose is fairly thin, with a high... READ MORE

Restylane vs Radiesse for Non Surgical Nose Procedure

About 7months ago I decided to go for a non surgical rhinoplasty procedure. The Dr. I went to suggested that radiesse was a better filler, so I had 0... READ MORE

Can a Dorsal Hump be Effectively Removed Via a Non-Surgical Method?

I've 17 and my nose is hurting my self esteem. I have a large on the bridge of my nose that makes my face look really harsh. My nose is sort of... READ MORE

Non-surgical Nose Job to Raise Nose Bridge?

Could non-surgical Rhinoplasty raise the nose bridge? If so, for how long? Is it risky? What would be that safest liquid or filler for this procedure? READ MORE

Non-surgical Nose Job or Rhinoplasty for Prominent Hump?

I actually had Radiesse injected last year but the filler is gone. I made an appointment to get it again but I need professional opinions. I think I... READ MORE

Is There Any Option Other Than Surgery to Lower my Nasal Bridge?

I used a product a while back that was like a clip to put on my nose that i hoped would make it look smaller and thinner but it raised my nose bridge... READ MORE

I Want To Increase the Height of my Nose Bridge with Fillers. Will My Sinus Issues Complicate This?

I have an Asian nose with a flatter bridge so I'm actually considering if I should go for a filler. But my main concern is that I've got sinus... READ MORE

Filler on nose/Dangers of injecting vein across bridge

Hi, I am interested in temporary filler to fill area from over rasping. I read that if the vein across nose bridge is hit, will go into eye area and... READ MORE

Can Non Surgical Nose Job Fix Rounded Nostrils?

I have a straight bridge and I am happy with the size of my nose, but I have slightly rounded nostrils, will non surgical Rhinoplasty work for me? READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job for African American Woman?

I am interested in defining the bridge of my nose and wanted to know if I would be an ideal candidate for a non surgical nose job. I am not looking to... READ MORE

Non Surgical Way to Fix Nose Bridge After Two Rhinoplasties?

I've previously had two Rhinoplasties before. It's obvious that the bridge of my nose is abnormally sticking out rather than being under the tip of... READ MORE

Can Fillers Used on the Bridge of Your Nose Make Your Bone Swell? (photo)

I have had juvederm injected into the bridge of my nose underneath a small lump to fill it in and look straight this worked and a little swelling... READ MORE

How Much Difference Can a Non Surgical Nose Job Make on the Front View of an Asian Nose ?

I know it can greatly improve the profile but i am particularly interested in how narrow (and less wide) it can make the nose appear from a front view... READ MORE

How Much Filler is Required for Non Surgical Nose Procedure?

Ive made an appointment for a consultation - the doctor says he is using radiesse. I was just wondering to build a bridge on an asian nose - how many... READ MORE

Non Surgical Nose Job for Pinched Nose?

I am interested in this procedure for a temporary period as I plan to have a surgical procedure in the next few years. I am a former cocaine user with... READ MORE

What's a Non Surgical Way to Lower the Bridge, "Dorsal Hump", on my Nose?

I have an annoying hump on my nose and it's something that I wished I never had. Also, how does it grow to be so big/hooked? READ MORE

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