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Can a Non-surgical Nose Job Make my Nose Bigger or Wider?

Is there a way for the non-surgical nose job to make your nose bigger or wider? I ask this because as a man, I feel my nose looks weak for my... READ MORE

Why Did my Nose Get Bigger? And Am I Doing the Wrong Thing?

Im going to try to sum this up ok basically - last year my nose was way skinnier i had lost weight and had barely any acne i was 15 -now im 16 and my... READ MORE

Can I get permanent injections to make my nose bigger or is surgery the only option?

I have a very small nose with very little to no nose bridge. I heard about a non surgical nose job that can enhance the shape of your nose. If it is a... READ MORE

My nose becomes more bigger after exercise. Any suggestions?

I had a big nose and a saw video on youtube to make it's works great for a week but after 1 week my nose becomes bigger then earlier. i... READ MORE

Does non surgical nose surgery make your nose look bigger and does it help make your nose straight?

I am thinking about looking into non surgical nose surgery and I have a few questions. Since fillers are used surely it makes your nose look bigger?... READ MORE

My nose looks a bit bigger after pressing it for long time. Has it got swollen or a permanent change in shape of cartilage?

My age is 20 now. I had a good nose about two years ago until one of my relative told me that i can make it more pointed by compressing it. Then i... READ MORE

Would a non-surgical procedure be able to fix my nose? (photos)

My nose is more uneven on one side, and it has this bump on the right side (I think it is from wearing glasses from such a young age). My nose was... READ MORE

Injection into my nose to cover the bump? (Photo)

I got a nose job 3 yrs ago.over the summer, I got a chin implant.The doc who did my chin put injections in my nose to make it look better.I was... READ MORE

Can protruding right side nose tip be reduced without surgery? (photo)

Middle age with no injury or rhinoplasty. Right side of tip of nose is bigger than left..kind of prutrudes out and up. No pain or bump on the inside.... READ MORE

I'm 22 years old and I'm having a short and flat nose; want to make it bigger & pointed without surgery? (Photo)

I want to make it bigger and pointed with exercise, surgery is what I can't do. I need help READ MORE

I have fats on my nose that annoying me and makes it looks bigger, is there any medicine, creams that can help?!

When I press on my nose some small fats get out from it. I tried to take A "Netlook" Course for 5 months the fats have gonne but it back again, so I... READ MORE

I want to contour my nose - can somebody send me example pictures? (photos)

I added a few pictures. i would like to raise my nose tip and add some filler to make it look more Symmetric (countouring). I know that with adding a... READ MORE

Can non surgical rhinoplasty help my nose seem smaller or is surgical rhinoplasty better for me? (photo)

Ive been self conscious about my nose ever since I broke it when i was younger and it developed a bump and began to droop a bit. I want it a more... READ MORE

Can a non surgical nose job make my nostrils bigger or appear to flare more? (Photos)

Following. Poor rhinoplasty, my nostrils arent balanced with my nose tip and bridge. My tips is bulbous and my nostrils dont flare enough. Can fillers... READ MORE

I was wondering do noses even get smaller naturally ?

I know noses can get smaller with yoga but im going through puberty and i find that my nose got bigger than when i was younger . And sometimes i find... READ MORE

How much can a product like Nose Secret permanently alter your nose?

I have been using Nose Secret for the past month and it makes my hooked down-turned nose appear more feminine and straight when I wear it. I love it!... READ MORE

Will pinching my nose make it bigger?

I used to pinch my nose in attempt to make it look narrower. But now im starting to think my nose is growing noticeably wider each day. Is it because... READ MORE

Could placing something in the nose stretch out your nostrils and make your nose bigger?

Just for the heck of it, I am planning to buy Nose Secret (splints that you place in the nose to create a straighter more defined look). I am not... READ MORE

Does nose exercise will get your nose bigger?

Help ! Does nose exercise will get your nose bigger? Hey doc! I alwaya exercise my nose almost 2-3 yrs because I hate the shape and its wider . but... READ MORE

Why has my nose gotten larger ?

I had an average size nose. Not small and not large. A year ago I decided to start pressing my nose to make it thinner :( I pressed very hard w. Lots... READ MORE

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