Sagging + Non Surgical Face Lift

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What is the most effective, Non-invasive treatment for sagging jowl & cheeks (around the mouth)? (photos)

I'm 29/F/5'1/110lbs. People always said I had 'chipmunk cheeks'. I had buccal fat removal 4 yrs ago. My lower cheeks (especially the area around my... READ MORE

How Do I Get Rid of a Frowny Face/cheeks? (photo)

I am still in college, I am about 110 and 5'3. I thought that the fat in my cheeks would go away if I lost weight but it did not. I hope this does not... READ MORE

Non Surgical Lift Options for Patient with Face Paralysis?

Hi, I am 32 yrs old. I had face paralysis about 5 yrs ago and left synkinesis on one side which destroyed my beautiful smile and of course, slightly... READ MORE

What can be done with sagging skin around the mouth? (Photo)

I am noticing folds or sagging skin around the corners of my mouth. ls there a way to correct the problem without a facelift? I'm 38. READ MORE

Sygmalift treatment. Is it recommended and efficient for treating crows feet and neck?

Hello, i'm planning to have a Sigmalift treatment for my crow's feet and neck, i would really appreciate if i can have your feedback and advice on... READ MORE

Fillers/Botox/Midface Lift for a 25 Y.o.? (photo)

I'm 25 with noticeable nasolabial folds. I have Stickler Syndrome which affects bone development in the midface. I've always had a flat face; it's... READ MORE

What Can I Do for my Face? (photo)

I'm 25 years old and I feel like my face is sagging, I also have wrinkles under my eyes along with dark circles and lets not forget the moles/skin... READ MORE

Neck and jaw lift without surgery? (photo)

I'm 71 years old and my face is big. My jaw and neck have fat and sag. I have anxiety about going under anesthesia. Are there any procedures that will... READ MORE

Late 30's and noticing sagging, loss of elasticity, crepey upper and lower eyelids. Hoping for tighter, smoother lids. (photos)

Hi there. In my late 30's I am noticing some changes. My upper eyelids are starting to sag a little, and if you will notice, my left more so than my... READ MORE

What needs to be done on my face in order to 'take few years off' and look fresh? (Especially Lower face) (Photo)

I am a 46 Yrs Woman. Never had any facelift or other things Done on My face (Beside 30% TCA Peeling, 2 Years ago). My face is getting Saggy Lately and... READ MORE

How can I best tighten the saggy skin on my face and neck without having surgery? (photo)

I have taken very good care of my skin using Obagi, sunscreen, and have had some fillers and Botox. Yet, I have this saggy skin remaining. Help! READ MORE

What is the best non surgical treatment alternative to a Facelift? Would it be radio frequency? If so which one is best? (photo)

I had ultherapy about 2 years ago but not great results for the money. I am 40 years old and have some sagging of the face and under the chin and just... READ MORE

What is the best long lasting non surgical treatment for sagging facial skin?

Hi, I'm 34 mom of one baby. I've developed tear through or under eye hallow and deep laugh lines for 2/3 years. My cheeks are also like drooping for... READ MORE

Facial Fillers - costs and amount needed. (photos)

I'm interested in a dermal filler facelift and curious as to approx cost and amounts needed. I've been getting Botox for years and loved the results,... READ MORE

What options would you recommend, and what type of doctor should I see? (photos)

I am 39 and my face is starting to sag! Everyone on my maternal side has sagging jowls, and I'd like to get ahead of it if possible. I've good skin,... READ MORE

What can I do to freshen my look?

I am 58 and have always looked younger than my age. In the last few years I am aging rapidly - my skin is sagging and I always look tired. I feel like... READ MORE

49 years old. Looking for non surgical procedure for sagging skin.

I am 49 years old and have lost 30 pounds in the last year. I now have sagging along the jawline under my chin and on my upper eyelid. Is there... READ MORE

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