Age 25-34 + Non Surgical Face Lift

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What is the most effective, Non-invasive treatment for sagging jowl & cheeks (around the mouth)? (photos)

I'm 29/F/5'1/110lbs. People always said I had 'chipmunk cheeks'. I had buccal fat removal 4 yrs ago. My lower cheeks (especially the area around my... READ MORE

Is 25 Too Young for a Non-surgical Face Lift?

A few years ago I lost 90 pounds, I'm now at a healthy weight but have noticed that from the beginning of my weight loss my face started looking... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Non-invasive Facelift for a 28 Year Old?

I'm 28 and my face has started to sag slightly compared to before 25. I would like a mild facelift treatment to get that youthful look back, but... READ MORE

Non Surgical Lift Options for Patient with Face Paralysis?

Hi, I am 32 yrs old. I had face paralysis about 5 yrs ago and left synkinesis on one side which destroyed my beautiful smile and of course, slightly... READ MORE

What are my nonsurgical options to fix my prematurely aging face and neck? (Photo)

I just turned 28 years old, but last week, reality whacked me like a Hyperborean frost when our waitress guessed my age as 45. Sadly she wasn't joking... READ MORE

Fillers/Botox/Midface Lift for a 25 Y.o.? (photo)

I'm 25 with noticeable nasolabial folds. I have Stickler Syndrome which affects bone development in the midface. I've always had a flat face; it's... READ MORE

What Can I Do for my Face? (photo)

I'm 25 years old and I feel like my face is sagging, I also have wrinkles under my eyes along with dark circles and lets not forget the moles/skin... READ MORE

What is the best long lasting non surgical treatment for sagging facial skin?

Hi, I'm 34 mom of one baby. I've developed tear through or under eye hallow and deep laugh lines for 2/3 years. My cheeks are also like drooping for... READ MORE

Facial Fillers - costs and amount needed. (photos)

I'm interested in a dermal filler facelift and curious as to approx cost and amounts needed. I've been getting Botox for years and loved the results,... READ MORE

How can I achieve a softer look to my face? (photos)

I would like a lil tightness on my jaw line, remove bulb on my nose and fix the lazy eye look. All in minimal damage to skin and downtime. I'm only 30... READ MORE

Could you please recommend me a professional, who is known to be an expert in midface non-surgical procedures?

I'm 27 year old male and I've lost significant amount of soft tissues in face (fat), which washed away vibrant and live appearance and introduced... READ MORE

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