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What Are the Methods to Fix a Herniated Areola (Stage 2 and 3)?

The herniated areola is the remaining of tuberous breast deformity post surgical correction with inframmamary incision. constriction was released from... READ MORE

Puffy Nipples: to Excise the Gland or Not Excise the Gland? (photo)

27 in Massachusetts. i have a very mild form of gynecomastia (localized to nipples only). my nipples are soft and pillow like in appearance and to the... READ MORE

What Technique Would You Recommend for Male Nipple Reduction? (photo)

I want to reduce the largeness/width of my nipples (height is not a problem).I don’t want them to be completely removed.A surgeon i saw suggested to d... READ MORE

Nipple Reduction -- is There Scarring?

Could anyone describe the process of nipple reduction (the area surrounding nipple)? Is there scarring? How is the old nipple area made smaller and... READ MORE

How Should the Cut Be Done (Middle of the Nipple or Around) for Inverted Nipples Revision Surgery?

I had surgery for inverted nipples(1st degree). Cut was made in the middle of the nipple. Now it is 4 months from surgery and nipples are still... READ MORE

Question about nipple reduction surgery; why would a surgery to reduce length need to utilise this technique? (Photos)

In a MALE (myself), why would a surgery to reduce the length of a long, pointy nipple need to utilize the technique in the photo instead of just, say,... READ MORE

What technique would be used for reduction and resulting scar shape? Also I would like to avoid breast lift (photo)

I have been contemplating having my Areola reduced for decades and am finally 100% decided, I find them to large for my breast size. I want this... READ MORE

Searching for a doctor who can help with nipple inversion correction? 2 failed attempts maybe the technique was flawed? (Photos)

I was born with inverted nipples . My areolas were tiny, about an inch in diameter, and the inverted nipples kind of looked like indented little... READ MORE

Is there a surgery to repair cracked nipples?

I have had cracked nipples for several years now. Bothe my general practitioner and the dermatologist she sent me to said the cracks happened from... READ MORE

Nursing Nipple Pads for Post a Nipple a Reconstruction Surgery?

I had nipple reconstruction surgery using skate flap technique and sent home with gauze pads to fashion as a "nipple bra" around new nipple to wear... READ MORE

On an areola reduction, is a dart technique the same thing as a vertical scar technique?

What is the difference between using a dart or a vertical scar? Both have been suggested to me to help prevent areola stretching, which one would be... READ MORE

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