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Single Areola Reduction That Stretched out

I had slight breast asymmetry, however this was most notable due to one areola (the right)being significantly larger than the other. I had an areola... READ MORE

What are my options for sagging nipples after breastfeeding?

I've nursed four children and each one of them would pull against the breast while latched on. It caused them to stretch significantly. With my first... READ MORE

Nipples stretched from girlfriend pulling on them (I'm a man), will they go back to normal size over time?

My girlfriend has been pulling on my nipples for years while having sex. I recently realized one of them especially is much longer and larger in... READ MORE

What Would You Do to Fix Areola Stretching and Uneven Nipple Heights After Vertical Breast Lift?

1st: 3/22/11, ABPS surgeon, implants only. Had DB on left & lrg. pocket let left implant fall in armpit and across chest to right side and lft... READ MORE

Lost Part of Areola After Surgery - How Can I Stretch it?

Missing most of 1 side of areola. Various things tried to stretch it. After each of 4 surgeries, the areola shrinks back as before & a belt of... READ MORE

I have a feeling that my nipples aren't symmetrical - Am I just imagining it?

The left one looks more stretchy and a slightly smaller i guess which makes me think that the left breast is a very slightly smaller than the right..... READ MORE

Areola Plasty and reducing Areola Size after a Breast Revision? (photo)

I am 3 months post op a breast revision. The doctor did not reduce my areola size as I had asked, I am very unhappy with the assymetry and mostly size... READ MORE

Should I Have Another Aerola Reduction? (photo)

I had a BA with aerola reduction about 2 years ago and was initially happy with the results. The scars have healed ok however the aerola has stretched... READ MORE

How soon after my Areola Reduction can I have a revision--what are my options?

I have small breasts (a 32b) but large areolas. I had an areola reduction on January 12 and in just one month my areolas have stretched back to their... READ MORE

In desperate need of scar revision and areola reduction! Please help. (photos)

I had a ba 12 years ago&decided to change my implants(PIP) On doing so, I had a nipple lift, resulting in terribly stretched areolas, they've over... READ MORE

Would an areola reduction of this nature be possible? (Photos)

My areola, especially on my left breast stretched out. my right breast is larger but that doesn't bother me as much as the areolas. Is it possible to... READ MORE

Areola reduction with local anesthesia?

I had a lollipop breast lift about a year and a half ago. The areolas were made smaller but now they have stretched back to before. One nipple is also... READ MORE

Areola reduction. (photos)

Would a doctor just perform an areola reduction, without a lift? I would like my areolas symmetrical so, would a reduction give me that result,... READ MORE

Nipple lift which has stretched areola and left hypertrophic scarring. Advice on a revision please.

I had a nipple lift&implants in Feb this year which has stretched my areola&left me with hypertrophic scaring. If I was to have my nipples... READ MORE

Can areola reduction be done if the inverted nipples are pierced?

Hi all! Last year I got my inverted nipples pierced as an alternative to surgery, just wondering if the areola reduction procedure would be feasible... READ MORE

Will my areola likely stretch back to its original size after areola reduction using dissolvable stitches?

I had an areola reduction performed 3 months ago, taking them from 7cm to 4cm. I asked the surgeon at my consultation about permanent or dissolvable... READ MORE

Will I be able to have areolas reduced when my implants are removed? (photos)

Given the large size of my areolas, could I have them reduced when implants are removed or should this be done at a later date? I am 5'6", 123 lbs. My... READ MORE

Permanent sutures for areola reduction - Which are the softest, least palpable? (Photos)

I had a breast lift and areola reduction several years ago. I was very happy with the results, but after my areola reduction, i asked that my PSto not... READ MORE

Will a dart stop an areola stretching?

I have had an areola reduction and it is stretched and distorted, my surgeon offered a revision using a small dart to stop it stretching again. What... READ MORE

Areola shape after surgery - stretched after BA and mastopexy.

I am 5 weeks post op. We reduced the size of my areolas due to them stretching from my implants/mastopexy from close to a year and a half ago now. as... READ MORE

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