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Is There Any Way to Correct my Grade 3 Inverted Nipples While Possibly Maintaining the Ability to Breastfeed and my Sensitivity?

I am 27 years old and have no children. I have always had grade 3 inverted nipples; they never protrude even manually. First, I would like to know... READ MORE

Can Nipple Surgery Affect Feeling or Sensitivity?

Is nipple sensitivity ever affected by implant or nipple surgery?  READ MORE

Nipple sensitivity decreased after getting them pierced. Will the sensitivity ever come back?

I know this isn't the typical plastic surgery question but I got my nipple pierced about a month ago. My nipples have always been sensitive and my... READ MORE

Can nipple/areola reduction be done without potentially decreasing sensitivity in nipples? (Photo)

I've always hated my nipples. I would love it if I could get them normally sized, but I'm really worried about the decrease in sensitivity. READ MORE

How long do cut nerves take to repair?

My nipples have always been sensitive and I got my nipple pierced about a month ago. And it made my nipple sensitivity decrease. My nipples can no... READ MORE

Was a nerve in my nipple cut? This happened 1 month ago

I got my nipple pierced and all previous sensitivity/sexual arousal in my nipple vanished. I can still feel my nipple but it's just like any other... READ MORE

My Nipples and Areola Are Really Sensitive to Touch. What Could That Be?

Lately I've realized that my nipples and areola get hard when it isn't cold and at completely random times. Also that there are a few bumps on the... READ MORE

Why is my right nipple deformed? Does this deformation have a specific name and is it possible to fix it? (photos)

My right nipple is deformed and it really bothers me, I'm think it became deformed around puberty but I'm really not sure as its become more... READ MORE

Pierced nipple size reduction? Hopefully keep the sensitivity? (photos)

My nipples got really big when I put a much larger gauge through the piercing. I stopped wearing the percings for two years then I stuck a 2- 4 size... READ MORE

Post bilateral nipple inversion correction: will my raw nipples heal? Can I do anything to expedite the process? (Photo)

8 days ago I had bilateral nipple inversion correction surgery. The bandaging came off today and has caused both nipples to be raw, scabby and very... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to alleviate hypersensitive nipples?

Ever since I developed, my nipples have been overly sensitive to the point it gives me a sick feeling in my stomach with the slightest touch. I cant... READ MORE

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