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Scar Revision for Areola

To correct my tuberous breast, I had a fat transfer (08/28/10) and areola reduction (03/08/11)by two different surgeons at the same time, getting... READ MORE

Worried about nipple reduction scarring, breast feeding issues, overall candidacy, possible need for BA scar revision. (photo)

I'm considering nipple reduction to reduce diameter, length, & droop. Concerns include (1)future breastfeeding, (2)potential scarring (what do nipple... READ MORE

In desperate need of scar revision and areola reduction! Please help. (photos)

I had a ba 12 years ago&decided to change my implants(PIP) On doing so, I had a nipple lift, resulting in terribly stretched areolas, they've over... READ MORE

Puffy areola after surgery. What to do? (photo)

Had scar revision on my right areola 5 months ago with permanent suture. Now my areola is puffy and wrinkled, but the weird thing is, when I do... READ MORE

Can I use sunscreen on scar 2 months after surgery?

I got a scar revision around my areola 2 months ago , I am going on vacation in a month and was wondering if I can use a sunscreen and still enjoy the... READ MORE

3 weeks post op. Is it normal my areolas look like this? (Photo)

I had revision of my areola scars 3 weeks ago and worried the scars look worse then before. I had areola reduction initially then revision of the... READ MORE

Looking for a nipple scar revision specialist. Any suggestions?

I had a donut lift which stretced my areola and scarred it all around. I was told the reason was the semi permanent sutures. I need to find a dr who... READ MORE

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