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Areola and Nipple Repositioning After Breast Augmentation

Hi, I had breast augmentation a month and a half ago. My nipples and areola have always been asymmetrical, but now that I have breast implants, it's... READ MORE

Removal of Montgomery tubercles - would it be worth it if the result would be a scar instead? (Photo)

I've always been unhappy with the look of my areolae due to excessive size/number of Montgomery glands on the surface. Would it be worth it to remove... READ MORE

How to Minimize Scarring After Areola Reduction Surgery?

20 yr old female, 36D no sag, areolas 6cm in diameter. My areolas stick out of my clothes and bras and it's embarrassing. It's hard to find... READ MORE

Ugly Circumareolar Scars After Revision of Circumareolar Mastopexy Scars. Can I Repair Them? (photo)

One year ago i had a circumareolar mastopexy and augmentation with 300 cc silicone implants. but 7 d post op the sutures got infected and ruptured and... READ MORE

12 days post op Areola reduction, is that result normal? (photos)

I had Areola reduction. from 5 Cm to Dr said 3.5 cm. I had another incision under the breast since I wanted the implants under the pectoralis muscle.I... READ MORE

Fix for Enlarged Areola with Contour Depression?

Last summer I had gynecomastia surgery. My left areola is perfect, but the right areola is larger and has a slight contour depression, as well as a... READ MORE

Is This an Abnormal Nipple Surgery Scar?

My one nipple is perfect. but the other one has a scar around the bottom of the areola raised to about half the height of the nipple. From the scar to... READ MORE

Can you have areola reduction again? (Photo)

I had areola reduction as my areolas were rather large for my breast size, however I believe the surgeon did not remove much of the areola and they... READ MORE

If I get an areola reduction, will my breast lift a little more? (Photo)

My breast are droopy and separated, but because I have huge areolas. They are very light, but the large size makes the separation and droopy look to... READ MORE

Are my scars healing ok after an Areola Reduction? (photos)

I recently got an areola reduction and I'm worried my scars on my left boob (pictures 3 and 4) are healing really badly. There's still surgical glue... READ MORE

Can I get just an areola reduction without having a breast lift and scars? (photos)

I dont desire to have bigger breasts i'm content with the size. i just wanted smaller areola's with no scars READ MORE

Is it worth removing a small third nipple if the scar may look worse than it actually is?

I have a third nipple underneath my right breast. its nothing huge. really just looks like a small mole but with a small bump in the a... READ MORE

How to remove or improve scars on nipple?

I had an inverted nipple surgery a few years ago which left some scars. The scars are not really visible when the nipple gets harder and erected, but... READ MORE

Can I fix the flatness under my nipples and get more natural look? (photos)

Newly married and I must have been pregnant a few days before or after my breast augmentation. I soon experienced stretch marks across my chest. To me... READ MORE

When I was 13, I had a 3rd nipple removed. Now I'm 32 and I feel a small painful lump right under the scar. Is this normal?

I have also noticed that the breast above my left one has a small round bead size lump that movies around. I get these sharp electric shock feeling... READ MORE

Tired of being embarrassed about my breast. What can be done? Trying to be patient (Photo)

I was okay with my areola and my dr said he would reduce it and I was fine with that if he thought it needed to be. When the bandages came off iwas... READ MORE

What can I do about raised scars around areola?

I had areola reduction surgery 10 months ago and the stitches are still in the scar causing it to be raised. Why was the stitches left in there? And... READ MORE

What Kind of Scars to Expect from Extra Nipple Removal?

I have an extra nipple I want to get removed. Will the scarring be bad? READ MORE

Periareolar Mastopexy - abnormal scars? (Photo)

I had a periareolar mastopexy 14 days ago, and have not experienced any complications, pain or discomfort. I was, however, a little disappointed when... READ MORE

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