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What Kind of Marks Do Supernumerary/accessory/extra/third Nipple Removal Leave Behind?

I got mine removed through a skin doctor about a year ago. My doctor "scooped" my nipple out and stitch back the skin. As my stitches healed, my skin... READ MORE

What is the Procedure and Cost of a Polythelia Removal?

I believe i have 2 extra nipples one above each breast and would really like to remove. i want to know the procedure and cost..and is there anything i... READ MORE

Dark Scar After I Removed the the Third and Fourth Nipple?

I had 2 extra nipples under the oreginal once and i got them removed by surgery now after 4 months the scar looks dark and I use kelo-cote for scars... READ MORE

This Stitch is Stuck? (photo)

I had my stitches removed about 2 weeks ago,i had a small scab, when it fell off i noticed the stitch i grabbed some tweezers an pulled about 2inches... READ MORE

Is plastic surgery practical to fix a bifurcated nipple?

I have one bifurcated nipple. It is just a small addition onto the regular nipple, but it makes me extremely self conscious, especially since there is... READ MORE

What Would Be an Average Price for Accessory Nipple Removal?

I have two accessory nipples with some breast tissue on the side of my underarm. I would like to have them removed but am not sure of the cost, or if... READ MORE

Best way to remove sebaceous cysts/glands on nipple? (photos)

As shown in the pictures attached, I suffer from prominent sebaceous cysts (on both nipples - left nipple shown). During a dermatologist's... READ MORE

Areola Reduction Cost in Texas

I have larger areolas. they're not puffy, i don't want any other procedures, i have no problem w/outpatient & only want the excess skin removed... READ MORE

What are the costs for surgically removing montgomery glands?

Hello, I have about 15 montgomery glands on my nipple and want them to be removed. I know they are natural but mine are pretty large and often get... READ MORE

Can excess nipple or breast skin be removed even if I'm past 50 years old?

I breastfed my three children, the 3rd for 2 years. Now 13 years later I Iost weight. My nipples and breasts now have excess skin, one nipple was... READ MORE

Can I get my extra nipples removed?

I'm 16 years old and am scared to wear a bikini because of my extra nipples. I have one at my upper rub cage area that seems to be the biggest one and... READ MORE

Does this open wound need to be stitched? (Photo)

Areola reduction 6 weeks ago. The doctor left a polypropylene stitch buried to support the healing. Stitches started to hurt but the doctor had left... READ MORE

Is it worth removing a small third nipple if the scar may look worse than it actually is?

I have a third nipple underneath my right breast. its nothing huge. really just looks like a small mole but with a small bump in the a... READ MORE

How to remove or improve scars on nipple?

I had an inverted nipple surgery a few years ago which left some scars. The scars are not really visible when the nipple gets harder and erected, but... READ MORE

Is there a type of surgery to remove Montgomery glands and also to fix the appearance of the nipple alone?

I am curious if it is possible to remove or lessen the appearance of Montgomery glands I am also curious if there is a procedure to fix the appearance... READ MORE

Where can I get my extra nipple removed in London and what is the average cost?

I'm struggling to find anywhere. I have an extra nipple which bothers me as it is dark and has a duct, so it is too developed to be mistaken for a... READ MORE

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