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Can Nipple Surgery Correct Protruding Nipples?

Can excessively protruding nipples in a male be corrected by nipple surgery?  READ MORE

Best Method to Reduce Male Nipple Protrusion?

I am a young male in very good shape. My nipples are too pointy especially when cold. I would like to plan a surgery but am curious what is the best... READ MORE

I Am a 53 Yo Male Who Has Large Protruding Nipples and Considering a Reduction? (photo)

How much sensation is lost in the nipple with a reduction, see i really enjoy having my nipples manipulated during sexual activities and am worried... READ MORE

Is Nipple Reduction on a 15 Year Old Male Possible?

I Am a 15 Year Old Male Who Needs Nipple Reconstruction. Will a Plastic Surgen Do the Operation on Someone my Age? i'm skinny, areola size has not... READ MORE

Will my puffy nipples go away? I'm a 14 years old and I have puffy nipples for almost 2 years, will it disappear if I workout?

I was wondering if I have gyn or is it just puberty I am 14 and my nipples r puffy when I'm warm they protrude but when I'm cold they look more like a pec READ MORE

Making Male Nipple Smaller? (Photo)

I'm not exactly sure what it's called, but I'm currently going through puberty and my nipples protrude abnormally. I am not out of shape but my... READ MORE

Is my nipple normal? (Photo)

I have a nipple query, I thought it looked a bit different so I was googling inverted nipple but my nipple doesn't look like those pictures and I came... READ MORE

Is there a procedure that will correct the nipple protrusion?

I had a nipple reduction a few years ago. However, the surgeon cut off too much resulting in flat nipples and barely a protrusion when erect. Is there... READ MORE

What is the average cost for protruding nipple reduction for men in NYC? (Photo)

I am a male and have protruding nipples. The areola is fine, it's just the nipple that would need to be smaller. I live in NYC and the few places who... READ MORE

How much for a nipple reduction surgery for a 44 year old male? (Photo)

I am a 44 year old male and I would like to correct my protruding nipples. I have done much research and am looking for the cheapest cost near North... READ MORE

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